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Valentine’s Day in Japan is a bit different from Valentine’s Day in

America. Rather than a mutual exchange between boys and girls, men and women, it’s more the day for younger girls to give a gift of chocolate to the boy they want to “declare their love” to. Older women in the workplace may give chocolates to their seniors and supervisors as a token of collegial affection, although may also offer some to men of whom they are fond and are seeking romance. A month later, March 14th, is “White Day”, when the men and boys reciprocate with gifts of chocolate and candy to the ladies — white chocolate and marshmallows are popular, matching the color of the day!

Featured Reviews For February

Romances — what else?!?


1) Hand Maid May format-episodes – 77%

2) Honey and Clover format-episodes – 79.3%

3) Love Hina format-episodes – 86%

4) Ai Yori Aoshi format-episodes – 77%

5) Rizelmine format-episodes – 53%

separatorAnother addition to our library! This one is not a review, but a look at a production of Toei Studios which is not really anime at all: their short movie, H.P. Lovecraft’s Dunwich Horror. You will find it here, in a new room just off the Lecture Hall called Special Features. This area already contains a previous lecture on Hideaki Anno’s Shin Godzilla, and will look at other material which is not anime, but anime related in some way. Extra special bonus: you can watch Dunwich Horror right HERE, hosted on our sister site, the Penny Robinson Fan Club.

Don’t miss our new reviews of a classic series, Space Runaway Ideon, and the double-feature movies, Ideon: A Contact and Ideon: Be Invoked. Ideon is old fashioned giant transforming mecha material from the creator of Gundam, and has been credited by Hideaki Anno as an inspiration for his own Neon Genesis Evangelion. Ideon really is a must-see for NGE fans!


A tasty new seminar in our Culinary Arts Dept.! “Famous Foods of Anime”! If you want to learn the difference between sushi and sashimi, or what melon-bread is, class is in session right here.


trees-5-centimeters-per-second-anime-wallpaperWith thousands of students, a vast library and plenty of lectures available each semester, it’s no doubt that we’ve grown to become the most respected institution for anime academics. And with so many areas of expertise at your disposal, choosing a major may just be harder than any final exam you’ll ever take! But don’t get me wrong; enrolling in classes is easy, but there is much to learn to go from a green Freshman to a learned Graduate Student.

After a hard day of studying, relax in the elegantly-appointed Student Lounge. Kampai!

Across the top, you will find the Library, where hundreds and hundreds of anime are described and reviewed. We have moved over all the existing reviews (just a few were lost to water damage from being stored in the basement) and are indexed in the Catalogs both alphabetically and by grade.

You will also find some articles on important real-life figures in anime: directors, actors, etc., as well as cultural & background information, and how these many professors compose their reviews.

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