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JULY in Japan . . . .

. . . . is rainy, hot, and humid, just like June, although rainy season is generally done by the end of the month. One major national festival is Tanabata on the 7th.  Tanabata celebrates a star myth regarding the stars Altair and Vega, who really are lovers separated by the sky god. July 7 (August 7 in some regions) is the one day of the year they are allowed to be together. It is therefore an auspicious holiday for romance and marriage, and is sometimes referenced in romantic animes.  Another important festival is O-bon, a day to honor the dead, and like Tanabata, some areas observe this in August rather than July, but always starting on the 15th.It is characterized by large, festive dances which celebrate the return of the ancestors’ spirits to visit their families still living. More on festivals and such may be found here and here.

A word of caution for travelers — school lets out in July, so this is a time when there are a lot of domestic holiday-makers. Prices and crowding may increase accordingly!

tanabata hangings.png

Tanabata hangings celebrate love reunited!


Featured Reviews For July

1) Ai Yori Aoshi format-episodes – 77%

2) Emma: A Victorian Romance format-episodes – 82%

3) Like the Clouds, Like the Wind format-movie – 61%

4) Master Keaton format-episodes – 85%

5) Rizelmine format-episodes – 53%



A tasty new seminar in our Culinary Arts Dept.! “Famous Foods of Anime”! If you want to learn the difference between sushi and sashimi, or what melon-bread is, class is in session right here.


Anime Academy has begun an ambitious project to provide download links to as many of our reviewed animes as legally possible. Links are provided primarily to an old and highly reputable site, known now as BakaBT. All linked shows are legal for download in the US. BakaBT is extremely particular about which clients they allow: for your reference, they publish a whitelist of acceptable clients and release numbers here. We have also started linking to sites where licenced shows may be viewed online for a fee, or DVD/Blurays purchased.
trees-5-centimeters-per-second-anime-wallpaperWith thousands of students, a vast library and plenty of lectures available each semester, it’s no doubt that we’ve grown to become the most respected institution for anime academics. And with so many areas of expertise at your disposal, choosing a major may just be harder than any final exam you’ll ever take! But don’t get me wrong; enrolling in classes is easy, but there is much to learn to go from a green Freshman to a learned Graduate Student.

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You will also find some articles on important real-life figures in anime: directors, actors, etc., as well as cultural & background information, and how these many professors compose their reviews.

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