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1) Grave of the Fireflies format-movie – 98%

2) Porco Rosso format-movie – 94.3%

3) Zipang format-episodes – 83%

4) Rurouni Kenshin format-episodes – 84.3%

5) Rail of the Star format-movie – 77%

6) Voices of a Distant Star format-OVA – 89.8%



Don’t miss our new special sections:

Anime Academy Annex: Student Lounge presenting a number of Anime Music Videos (AMVs) for some light entertainment.

“Famous Foods of Anime”, for a look at some Japanese cuisine often seen in anime.

Special Features is a section for anime-related material which may not be anime but is related in some way to make it of interest to the anime fan. It currently looks at the recent movie Shin Godzilla, directed by Hideaki Anno, and a Toei Studios production, H.P. Lovecraft’s Dunwich Horror. This latter is closer to puppetry than anything, and provides a chilling presentation of three of American horror writer H.P. Lovecraft’s works.

Be sure to see our new reviews of a classic series, Space Runaway Ideon, and the double-feature movies, Ideon: A Contact and Ideon: Be Invoked. Ideon is old fashioned giant transforming mecha material from the creator of Gundam, and has been credited by Hideaki Anno as an inspiration for his own Neon Genesis Evangelion. Ideon really is a must-see for NGE fans!

Other recent material includes Aho GirlAria The Animation, Starship Operators, and When Marnie Was There.



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