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SEPTEMBER in Japan . . .

. . . is a pleasant time to visit. Weather is milder, but it still rains quite a bit, and it is also the most likely time to get hit by a typhoon. When the rain stops, the beaches are pleasant, sunny without being brutally hot.

There are only two national holidays, Respect for the Elderly Day and Autumn Equinox (18th & 23rd, respectively). However, there are many local festivals, see here. Among these are a huge Chinese celebration in Yokohama’s Chinatown, which is one of the world’s largest.

Featured Reviews For September

1) Cromartie High School format-episodes – 74%

2) Great Teacher Onizuka format-episodes – 92%

3) A Little Snow Fairy Sugar format-episodes – 82%

4) Onegai Teacher format-episodes – 84%

5) Ouran High School Host Club format-episodes – 84%

6) Red Garden format-episodes – 81%

A bit of a school theme for back-to-school month!




Introducing a new feature to Anime Academy! On a trial basis, we are taking a brief look at (not reviewing & grading, as such) a non-anime, but anime-related feature: the recently released movie by renowned anime director Anno Hideaki, Shin Godzilla. Remarks and screenshots may be found HERE.



A tasty new seminar in our Culinary Arts Dept.! “Famous Foods of Anime”! If you want to learn the difference between sushi and sashimi, or what melon-bread is, class is in session right here.


Anime Academy has begun an ambitious project to provide download links to as many of our reviewed animes as legally possible. Links are provided primarily to an old and highly reputable site, known now as BakaBT. All linked shows are legal for download in the US. BakaBT is extremely particular about which clients they allow: for your reference, they publish a whitelist of acceptable clients and release numbers here. We have also started linking to sites where licenced shows may be viewed online for a fee, or DVD/Blurays purchased. UPDATE: BakaBT has recently changed its operation, and is now restricted membership. If you had an account there before, you should still be able to get in. If not, they will have a system in place soon to apply for membership. Evidently there have been problems with unwarranted harassment regarding copyright issues. Meanwhile, our project to provide lawful downloads of unlicenced material will continue — just undecided as to how to proceed.
trees-5-centimeters-per-second-anime-wallpaperWith thousands of students, a vast library and plenty of lectures available each semester, it’s no doubt that we’ve grown to become the most respected institution for anime academics. And with so many areas of expertise at your disposal, choosing a major may just be harder than any final exam you’ll ever take! But don’t get me wrong; enrolling in classes is easy, but there is much to learn to go from a green Freshman to a learned Graduate Student.

After a hard day of studying, relax in the elegantly-appointed Student Lounge. Kampai!

Across the top, you will find the Library, where hundreds and hundreds of anime are described and reviewed. We have moved over all the existing reviews (just a few were lost to water damage from being stored in the basement) and are indexed in the Catalogs both alphabetically and by grade.

You will also find some articles on important real-life figures in anime: directors, actors, etc., as well as cultural & background information, and how these many professors compose their reviews.

Below is Founders’ Hall, a gallery of those who built this great hall of learning.


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