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Grading Methodology


Every anime that we study and grade is broken up into two main components: technical and emotional. The technical side of anime is composed of those things we can see and hear: art, animation, music, voice acting, sound effects, story, characters and an overall “feel”. The emotional side of anime is the level of which we are moved: a comedy is measured by laughter, and a drama is measured by tears.

With respect to remaining as fair and objective as possible, we do not allow factors outside of the anime itself (box office numbers, popularity, DVD extras) to sway our judgment. Our anime are reviewed in a figurative vacuum. We also do not judge an anime dubbed in a language other than originally intended; 99.9% of the time this language in question is Japanese.

Grading Scale
100%: The perfect anime.

90% to 99%: The best of the best. These special anime have been deemed to be head and shoulders above the rest.

80% to 89%: Great anime in their own right, they have either a few small flaws or one large flaw that prevents them from attaining the next tier.

70% to 79%: These anime are just good. A nice addition to any collection, but not particularly memorable.

60% to 69%: Anime that earn these scores reside in that hazy, gray area called mediocrity. They have qualities and detriments in equal proportions.

50% to 59%: These works teeter on the precipice of forgettable. Inconsistent, with perhaps a few redeeming moments.

49% and below: Differing degrees of suckiness. The farther it can be tossed out the window is the determining factor.


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