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Shoujo Studies: Kawaii Judgment


av-KeiWelcome to my class, students! =^.^= Over the semester, I’ve mentioned many, many things that are kawaii. I will show you my personal list of standards on how to judge the kawaiiness of something or someone. There are more factors than the ones I’m going to mention today, but these take precedence.

Level One: “Unkawaii
In order to deem something kawaii, you must first know what isn’t kawaii. Excessive gore, violence and profanity are in most cases very unkawaii; most anime of the shounen genre tend to be of this nature. For example, Dragonball Z is a very unkawaii series.

Level Two: “Kawaii

Even the mallet is kawaii!

Even the mallet is kawaii!

There exists many occasions when you could say something is kawaii. Most, if not all, shoujo anime has something kawaii in it. Take Kodomo no Omocha, for example. This anime has many instances where you want to leap out of your seat, put your hands to your chin and squeal “KAWAII!!” . If you have been known to do this, then you are truly ready for the levels of kawaiidom that lay ahead of you.

Level Three: “SDK”
SDK, or “Super Deformed Kawaii“, branches off from mundane kawaii levels to something much more cute. Super Deformed characteristics include the sudden loss of limb length coupled with the growth of the head and eyes. Let’s take a look at Dragon Half. Some of these fight scenes are very kawaii due to the SDK factor. Take out the Super Deformed characters and it’s not very cute anymore, now is it?

Do your best, Sakura! I'll guard dessert.

Do your best, Sakura! I’ll guard dessert.

Level Four: “Kawaii Furry Mascots”
One of the most powerful forms of kawaiiness is on display in anime mascots. They may not have a purpose in the series they are in nor even speak a recognizable language, but they’re always kawaii enough to make your eyes sparkle. These furry mascots are not limited to just shoujo anime; some shounen anime have been known to sport one or two. Some of these mascots include: Ryo-Ohki (Tenchi Muyo!), Kero-chan (Card Captor Sakura), Mokona (Magic Knight Rayearth), and even Pikachu (Pokémon).

Level Five: “Uber Kawaii
This stage of kawaiiness only came into existence a few years ago. When the Di Gi Charat series aired for the first time, it introduced a character so impossibly kawaii. Yes, I speak of the legendary Puchiko. Puchiko is a rare case; where no matter what she does at all, it’s considered kawaii. Puchiko could make even things on the unkawaii list from Level One kawaii with ease. I’m sure the people responsible for her creation took years to develop something so cute.
Puchiko for President!

That’s all for today, class. If you’re still having difficulties, perhaps a few fwaps from the shoujo anime beat-stick would help?

Puchiko for President!






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