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Ah! My Goddess: The Movie


a.k.a.Ah! Megami-sama: The Movie

Genre: Romance
Company: Kodansha
Format: 1 movie
Dates: 10/21/2000

All is well with Keiichi and Belldandy’s lives until Belldandy’s old mentor Celestin arrives on the scene. Having escaped from his prison, Celestin is looking to corrupt the Goddess system and create a new order based on his rules… but he needs Belldandy’s help to do it. The answer to everything lies hidden and forgotten within her memories. Thus begins a race against time to undo his damaging virus. With Skuld and Urd in tow Keiichi attempts to save the Heavens… not to mention his love.

summary by Mugs


Reviewed: 04/05/2004 by
Grade: 85% av-Mugs

Highs: Eye-catching character designs; wonderfully animated

Lows: Very similar plot elements to the OVA series

Ah, the continuing saga of Keiichi and Belldandy. This movie picks up a little while after the OVA ends, and most of the original cast returns. While it’s great to see pretty much everyone back, it’s the two new characters in the film that are the most interesting. Celestin and Morgan, quite frankly, make this film, with both of them getting character background, history, and depth that the series originals never received.

The plot in the movie is solid but with more memory wiping and danger to the Goddess system it plays out a lot like the last two episodes of the series. Other than the current story we get a lot of background information on Celestin and Belldandy. The ending of the film is surprisingly action-packed and should satisfy everyone. Yet it leaves them still wanting more closure, especially with certain characters.

The artwork and sound are both great, as they should be, for such a current movie. I haven’t seen the OVAs in a while but it seemed to be some of the seiyuu were different, which was slightly annoying. Also some characters looked too familiar to those in other anime. Morgan had a stunning resemblance to Love Hina‘s Motoko, and Keiichi looks more like Tenchi then ever before.

Overall a strong movie that anyone should enjoy, watch it with someone you like ’cause the sappy quality of the original is still here.


Reviewed: 09/05/2004
Grade: 83% by av-Kain

Highs: Fujishima’s character designs; doesn’t need the OVA as a crutch; quality music selection

Lows: As bland and predictable as “meat loaf night”; occasional visual short cuts for sake of budget

Ah! My Goddess: The Movie was a highly anticipated follow-up to Fujishima Kosuke’s wildly popular manga and anime series, Ah! My Goddess. Fans clamored for more because the OVA series felt overly episodic and left out a lot of juicy details from the manga.

Good thing for fans that this movie goes further into the inner workings of Heaven, including the computer system Yggdrasil and the hierarchy of the gods and goddesses. In fact, this anime is so self-contained that first-time viewers won’t need the background of Ah! My Goddess to get the most out of it. The story is tightly constructed, jumping from scene to scene with a steady, methodical ease.

It’s not like we were going to be bored anyway, not with Fujishima’s beautiful character designs, still to this day the best in the business. The music in this installment differs from its predecessor with more classical pieces, but all of the songs are done exceptionally well and fit the scenes nicely. This movie begs for the speakers to be turned up.

Like with most romance anime, the plot is cookie-cutter predictable, and for me to say that “love conquers all” probably won’t come as any big surprise here. Also, while undoubtedly the visuals are better, a movie six years removed from its OVA counterpart shouldn’t have moments of reused cels and sloppy line work, few as those moments were. Despite all that, Ah! My Goddess fans should not be disappointed with this stellar addition to the Goddess universe.

Ah! My Goddess: The Movie may be downloaded legally in the United States HERE.


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