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AMV Hell 3: The Motion Picture


Genre: Comedy
Company: N/A – Multiple Editors
Format: 1 movie
Dates: 09/23/2005

Anime music videos are exactly what they sound like. Editors take video footage from one or more different anime and put them to a song, creating a music video. AMV Hell re-imagines this concept, and instead strings together hundreds of unrelated video clips rather than one full-length one. The result is over an hour of lampooning, dramatic homage, and outright weirdness. Anime from across the board can be found within, from Excel Saga and Cutie Honey to Paranoia Agent and Grave of the Fireflies. Nothing is sacred.

summary by Illjwamh


Reviewed: 03/31/2011 by
Grade: 80% av-Illjwamh

Highs: A spectacular tribute to the medium; very clever and well-made

Lows: A few irritating segments; not a “real” anime

I’m totally serious. No, really. I’ve seen movies and OAVs shorter than this, and given its significance to just about anyone who’s ever watched anime ever, and its continuing legacy in the world of AMVs, I think this deserves a spot here. It’s not called “The Motion Picture” for nothing.

What can I say about an hour-plus long string of redubbed anime clips? A lot more than you’d think. While it may be as common as Twilight fan fiction now, the multiple short clip AMV format was actually a somewhat revolutionary idea at the time this was made. Think about that: an entire style of AMV creation was launched by a single project. How many TV series or movies can claim they launched an entire new genre? Short answer: not very many.

The creativity in this video is extraordinary. The editors took great care in their work and it shows. Nearly every clip is clever in its own way, be it from lyrical or musical dissonance from the source material, music and lyrics that fit perfectly with the source material, or from being just plain ridiculous. Out of several hundred clips there are maybe a dozen duds, if that. Very impressive; and since the longest clips are around 30 seconds, the shortest around 3 (one exception is a clip in the middle that lasts for a couple of minutes), if you don’t like what you’re seeing, just give it a moment.

Naturally there is no plot, but that’s not really a negative because there isn’t supposed to be. There are a couple of running gags though which help to give the whole thing some sense of cohesion. But the best part – the best part is the sheer scope of it. There are so many different anime represented here, from so many different genres and time periods. It is impossible for any fan of the medium not to find something to appreciate, and the more anime you’ve seen, the more fun you’re going to have.

Take all of the above and add a closing credits sequence that is a full-length AMV by itself and one of the most incredible and impressive feats of AMV editing ever, and you have a real winner. I’ve rewatched this video more than I have Millennium Actress, which is my favorite anime movie of all time. Take from that what you will.


AMV Hell 3 can be viewed streaming on YouTube HERE, along with the other entries in this series (up to 7 now!)


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