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Angel’s Tail


a.k.a. Fairy Story Angel’s Tail

a.k.a. Tenshi no Shippo

Genre: Comedy/Romance
Company: Tokyo Kids
Format: 12 episodes
Dates: 10/4/2001 to 12/20/2001

Meet Mutsumi Goro, a man that was forgotten by luck: he hasn’t been on a date, he’s unable to get a job and generally good things never happen to him. That is, until a fortune teller tells him things will change… and they do change. Maids from the Maid world start entering Goro’s life to help him. While his luck hasn’t improved, his life is surely livelier. However, someone is hiding in the shadows, ready to take all that happiness away.

summary by Griveton


Reviewed: 12/21/2002 by
Grade: 84% av-Griveton

Mutsumi Goro is a geeky, clumsy guy surrounded by beautiful maids who’ll fulfill any desire. Admittedly, this is not the most original premise in anime… but fear not! Angel’s Tail is far away from the fan service-ridden harem anime that usually develops from such a premise. Actually, this anime is very far away from that.

The whole feeling of the series is consistently heartwarming. From the introduction to the ending, it’s a cute, enjoyable ride designed to leave you with a smile. This is accomplished mainly by the characters; although a couple maids are left behind in terms of character development, all are lovable and funny, and watching them in action is a real joy. Same thing goes for the antagonists; their antics were a pleasure to watch every time. However, Goro, is but another of the generic troupe of hapless, kindhearted dorks surrounded by beautiful girls and is almost exactly identical to Keitaro from Love Hina.

To go with the series’ feel, the artwork and the music are equally cute, bright and cheery. The visuals are neat and clean. The music, while nothing really special, complements the scenes very well. The only real problem is near the end, when the mahou shoujo part of the plot comes into action. While important to the overall development, it feels awkward, and the animation style doesn’t really fit the action scenes well. Thankfully, this part is short and fades to give way to an ending that concludes everything nicely, but without wrapping every single detail and leaving enough space for a continuation.

When the final credits were rolling, I couldn’t help but have a big smile on my face. While it’s not the most original show nor is it devoid of flaws, Angel’s Tail is a great, cheery anime that will manage to entertain children and adults alike.


Angel’s Tail can be downloaded legally in the United States HERE. NOTE: this download includes 4 specials and 2 OVA in addition to the original 12 episodes of the series which is reviewed here.


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