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Appleseed OVA


Genre: Action
Company: Seishinsha
Format: 1 OVA
Dates: 4/21/1988

For millennia, man has sought the Tower of Babel, the gateway to the heavens. The city of Olympus is the modern day Babylon and is run by a computer named Gaia. This computer keeps everything in order in the name of peace… until some of the residents say that enough is enough. A group of human terrorists, led by the criminal Sebastian, takes up opposition but is thwarted by Deunan and Briaros. Sebastian escapes capture and goes on a rampage, making Deunan blame herself for letting him go free.

summary by Kain


Reviewed: 07/10/2006 by
Grade: 46% av-Kain

Highs: Tries to stay true to Shirow Masamune

Lows: Way too condensed; many events not explained; real bad animation and music

The first time I watched this anime was not long after Ghost in the Shell, hoping for a better adaptation from manga-ka Shirow Masamune. Renowned for being a master of science fiction, his manga have a large following because of the beautiful artwork and humanity vs. technology theme. The problem is whenever his manga are converted into anime, the format of choice is an ill-suited movie or singular OVA. A 26-episode television series would probably still be inadequate to cover all the necessary themes and events.

Fans of the manga will be able to follow Appleseed OVA without much effort. The problem is, a good anime must be completely independent of the manga, and there are just much too many holes and untied threads at the end. Blame it on the super-condensed style of story telling; Appleseed OVA makes Cliff’s Notes™ look like Tolstoy’s War and Peace.

At least Ghost in the Shell had great art and animation, something it can hold over the head of this anime. The eye candy in this OVA tasted more like cardboard from the first minute, which is even more blasphemous when compared to Shirow’s exquisite manga designs. Just for kicks, they slapped on some grocery-store quality ’80s jazz that might possibly be worse than David Hasselhoff’s latest album (apologies to all offended Germans).

Appleseed OVA is a poor man’s Akira. Ouch.


Appleseed OVA can be downloaded legally in the United States HERE.

Please note that there is also a 2014 full-length movie, Appleseed Alpha, which may be downloaded legally in the U.S. HERE. Oddly, it appears to exist in an English-language version only. We expect to have a review for this up in the near future.



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