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3×3 Eyes II: Legend of the Divine Demon


a.k.a. Sazan Eyes: Seima Densetsu


Genre: Action/Drama/Romance

Company: Kodansha

Format: 3 OVA

Dates: 7/25/1995 to 6/25/1996

Four years have passed since the climactic battle between Pai and Benares. With no sign of his Sanjiyan, Yakumo sets out on a quest to find her. Along the way he battles demons and trains to become a much more worthy Wu. Ayanokoji Pai is a teenage girl who not only lost both of her parents to an accident, but also any memory of her previous life. She is raised by her grandparents and does normal, everyday things with her two friends from school. At the end of his search, Yakumo comes upon a magazine photoshoot of Pai and believes he has finally found his Sanjiyan. That is when both their lives turn upside-down forever.

summary by Kain


Reviewed: 05/20/2002 by

Grade: 80% av-Kain

Highs: 3×3 Eyes reciprocated; moving love story; fantastic action scenes

Lows: Takes odd turns at times; those without a background in Hindu will be lost

Fans of the original 3×3 Eyes were in an uproar over the inconclusive finale. It took three, long years, but at last the series was given a more suitable ending. 3×3 Eyes II: Legend of the Divine Demon is by all accounts a superior anime compared to the one it follows, but there still could be more done to complete the story. One of the more notable improvements made is that the story feels much more solidified this time around. There are less side characters making abrupt entrances (and equally quick exits), which is a tremendous benefit in allowing the viewer to associate better with their personalities. I appreciated the detailed insight into the world of the Sanjiyans and how Kaiyanwang came into power. No doubt this added information aided immensely in relating to each of the characters’ motivations; in turn, I really felt for Yakumo and Pai. Their love is much more than physical in nature, and the depths with which they express their emotions for each other makes this one of the more riveting love stories in anime. Well-thought out and animated fight scenes are a welcome bonus. Despite my accolades, Legend of the Divine Demon isn’t without flaws. Some of the explanations of events (especially towards the end) are rushed and haphazardly done. Many an otaku have been left perplexed over what became of Howasho and Pai. An appreciation for Hinduism is definitely a benefit in grasping the history of Parvati and Shiva, which is unfortunately not a widely understood religion in many English-speaking societies. 3×3 Eyes II: Legend of the Divine Demon is a welcome follow-up and an emotional anime in its own right. Hayashibara Megumi gives an inspired performance as Pai (I found her voice uncharacteristically annoying in the original). Rumors of a television series surface now and again, so here’s hoping for more of Yakumo and Pai.


3×3 Eyes and 3×3 Eyes II: Legend of the Divine Demon can be downloaded as a single set legally in the United States HERE.


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