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Banner of the Stars II


a.k.a. Battle Flag of the Stars II

a.k.a. Seikai no Senki II

Genre: Action/Drama
Company: Bandai Visual/Sunrise/WOWOW
Format: 10 episodes
Dates: 7/11/2001 to 9/26/2001

Operation Phantom Flame has ended, and the Abh Empire has determined that it was a complete success. As the Space Forces spread out to capture territories and destroy any remaining United Mankind fleets, Lafiel and Jinto travel to the prison planet Lobnas II where they discover that it is in a state of chaos. As Jinto attempts to negotiate with the planet’s representatives, a revolt erupts between the inmates and guards.

summary by Eek


Reviewed: 12/12/2003 by
Grade: 84% av-Eek

Highs: The Stars saga continues to be fascinating and worthwhile

Lows: Feels dumbed down; sluggish start

The conclusion of Banner of the Stars was an appropriate ending for the Stars series (as I prefer to call it), but Banner of the Stars II keeps things going strong. Yet, this part of the franchise seems lacking to some degree because it does not take the complex shape the others had prior.

Still, Banner of the Stars II keeps flowing along quite well in its universe. While making the proper connections to the previous series, this actually feels separate because it does not try to fill in any background that was given before; in cases like this, a newcomer to the franchise would be confused as far as terminology and character relationships are concerned. However, for veterans, it continues to be interesting and is more than worth the time. The inclusion of planetary politics keeps it fresh; while not unforeseeable, the sudden uprising by prisoners against Lobnas II’s guards paces at a steady rate and throws in some nice action scenes for good measure.

While I do like this franchise, this series in particular seems to dumb most ideas down. Banner of the Stars II is not boring by a long shot, but the way that it approaches new characters and situations is not in the same thorough manner as before. On more than one occasion, the reasoning behind someone’s actions or behavior made me raise an eyebrow and question whether events were really as simple as the way they were putting it. Also, the beginning was quite slow; while the Stars series is usually slow anyway, the beginning was more than normal because it tried to envelop the entire situation on Lobnas II. This is understandable, but some minor parts were incorporated that could have been easily excluded.

Banner of the Stars II is not the best that this franchise has to offer, but it is still quite enthralling to watch Jinto and Lafiel’s adventures and experiences in space. If you have already seen the previous series, I see no reason why you should not continue.


See also Crest of the Stars



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