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Blue Seed


Genre: Action
Company: Production IG/Ashi Production
Format: 26 episodes
Dates: 10/5/1994 to 3/29/1995

The Terrestrial Administration Center is a secret Japanese government faction in charge of dealing with the Aragami, a race of plant-like creatures that have been confidentially threatening the people of Japan for thousands of years. The TAC’s ultimate weapon is Kaede, a girl born of the Kushinada family, whose destiny is to one day serve as a human sacrifice for the salvation of the human race. Claiming to have her own ambitions, Kaede recently disappeared in a beam of light. With the Aragami apparently planning something big, the TAC will need to turn to Plan B: Kaede’s twin sister Momiji.

summary by Kjeldoran


Reviewed: 01/24/2003 by
Grade: 72% av-Kjeldoran

Highs: Exponentially more exciting; satisfying ending; based on Japanese mythology

Lows: First half is tedious; exasperating main character; inferior art and animation

This is not the first anime about monsters running wild in Tokyo, and it certainly will not be the last, either… but Blue Seed and its prior manga managed to draw in their fair share of deferential followers. I am not exactly one of them.

Even if voiced by Hayashibara Megumi, I found Momiji to be one of the most annoying main characters in anime. With dimness and incessant whining, she assumes the role of comic relief, hopeless romantic, damsel in distress and savior of the human race: a deadly combination. Watching Blue Seed soon got tiresome, and I had to force myself to carry on. The frame-deficient animation and sketchy artwork only made things worse. What kept me from turning to something else were the many folkloric references, hilarious omake and my sense of duty.

However, a major twist in the storyline makes everything run more smoothly past the halfway point. Sure, Momiji yells “Kusanagi-san!” just as often, if not more, but at least subsequent episodes bring something other than a new monster to fight. It is as if the members of the astonishingly small government division finally stop goofing around and start taking the end of the world as we know it quasi-seriously. The storyline that finally unravels has the depth and moral conflicts that are needed to make great series, and somehow makes the wait worthwhile.

Not many anime can claim to have a great ending, but Blue Seed has one that successfully manages all the elements that failed beforehand. It may just be because of the contrast with its beginning, but every element, including romance and comedy, finally worked. Therefore, even with a foul start, the last batch of episodes and a four-DVD format released by ADV Films still make this one a decent buy.


Blue Seed can be downloaded legally in the United States HERE.

NOTE: The linked torrent includes 13 “Blue Seed Omake” bonus shorts, meant to be watched after every two episodes, that is, Omake 1 should be watched after Blue Seed 2.


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