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Candidate for Goddess


a.k.a. Pilot Candidate

a.k.a. Megami Kouhosei

Genre: Action
Company: Xebec
Format: 12 episodes
Dates: 1/11/2000 to 3/27/2000

A mysterious alien race named the “Victim” is at war with humanity. Zion is the only planet still standing, albeit under constant attack. To defend the planet, humanity uses the Goddesses, five gigantic Mechas with an amazing power. The pilots are skilled kids who graduated from the school in the Battleship G.O.A. Meet Zero Enna, a freshman of the academy whose heart is set on only one thing: To become one of the five pilots.

summary by Griveton


Reviewed: 11/07/2002 by
Grade: 39% av-Griveton

Highs: Pro-ing design

Lows: Cheesy; generic story and characters; ugly designs and 3D animation; where’s the ending?

A mysterious alien race set on mass murdering for no discernible reason is attacking humanity. The only thing that stands between them and the poor humans is an elite squad of mecha capable of kickin’ massive amounts of alien posterior. Now, where have we seen that before? Ah, yes, everywhere. Candidate for Goddess looks like it was pulled out of the mecha anime-o-matic machine in record time, without any consideration given to quality.

The story revolves around Zero and the other students of his class and their attempts to become pilots fighting for humanity. To keep with the generic story, the characters are a mishmash of the most common clichés in the anime industry: you have a hotheaded and brash, but pure-hearted, hero, a genius kid who is the voice of reason that’s never listened to, an Ayanami Rei-esque silent kid, the abusive instructor that deep inside really cares for his students and even a cute cat girl.

To top everything off, there is no ending. Not even a facsimile of a conclusion is presented, and most things are shown but not explained. The last episode doesn’t even hint to the fact that it’s the last one; in fact, it does the exact opposite. The last episode makes it look like the rivalry between protagonist and antagonist is about to pick up. It just feels as if the story was literally beheaded with a guillotine. Candidate for Goddess doesn’t even have eye candy to redeem some value; although the 2D animation is passable, if bland, the 3D work is absolutely horrid… not to mention the terrible character, Goddess and victim designs. About the only salvageable aspects are the Pro-ing training mechas and the rare comedic sequences that are actually funny, but that’s about it.

Generic in its core and botched in its execution, Candidate for Goddess is nothing but a complete and utter waste of time that should be avoided like the plague.


Candidate for Goddess can be downloaded legally in the United States HERE.


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