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Chobits Special: Sumomo & Kotoko Delivers


a.k.a. Chibits

Genre: Comedy
Company: CLAMP
Format: 1 OVA
Dates: 6/27/2003

Hideki has just left to head for college without realizing he forgot his wallet. Chii quickly dresses up to give it to him, but in her hurry, she also forgot something: a very important piece of clothing that, though not very noticeable, will probably cause her a lot of discomfort if wind starts blowing. It’s now up to the ever energetic Sumomo and hesitant Kotoko to catch Chii before a gust of wind puts her in an uncomfortable situation.

summary by Griveton


Reviewed: 08/30/2003 by
Grade: 83% av-Griveton

Highs: Hilarious; more Chobits goodness

Lows: Too short; limited appeal

Released as a small extra in the Japanese DVD release of Chobits, this short OVA is surprisingly enjoyable. Made up from combining the word Chibi (small) and the title “Chobits”, Chibits is an appropriate name if there ever was one; this OVA is small, cute and filled with Chobits-brand comedy, but doesn’t go anywhere beyond that.

The story isn’t complex at all, mainly because of the short running time of just under six minutes. It is very well defined and works perfectly if we take into account the intent of the OVA: comedy.Chibits is nothing if not a hilarious return to Chobits‘ comedy style, from panties to Sumomo’s cute hyperactivity. The lovable characters in the series are back for more, and while Chii and Hideki serves really small roles, the Sumomo and Kotoko pair takes the spotlight and does a great job. I couldn’t stop laughing the whole time.

In the visual side, Chibits‘ art and animation are similar, too, which is definitely a good thing. However, there are a couple of stills that are just panned, which becomes much more noticeable because of the short duration of the OVA. While it never actually becomes too annoying, it’s still present. There isn’t much music in here, but the tunes used are all very fitting and used in the right places. The voice acting is great, although it doesn’t reach the series’ level. Even with small problems here and there, Chibits certainly doesn’t let down in the audio/visual department.

If you haven’t seen or didn’t like Chobits, then Chibits will most probably be unappealing to you; the charm of this OVA lies in the characters and antics we grew to love in the series. For those who liked Chobits, make no mistake: Chibits is for you. Let’s hope this small, enjoyable piece makes its way into the region 1 DVDs.


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