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Genre: Comedy/Action
Company: Studio DEEN
Format: 12 episodes
Dates: 7/8/2007 to 9/23/2007

Ebihara Chinami has a peculiar problem: Whenever she becomes excited, scared or embarrassed, her body emanates electromagnetic waves that burn out all electric devices around her. Because of her condition, she and her family have been moving from place to place for years to avoid trouble. Now that she has moved to yet another high school, she meets the geeky Kannagi Kotaro, the local science freak. When he finds out about Chinami’s condition, he is determined to discover the secret behind the electromagnetic waves…

summary by Taleweaver


Reviewed: 11/25/2007 by
Grade: 71% av-Taleweaver

Highs: Hilarious situation comedy; lovable characters, perfect musical score

Lows: Half the story left untold; no ending

Comedy can be tricky. Most comedic situations in anime have already been explored; too little innovation and people will accuse you of plagiarism. Then again, plot ideas can be too far-fetched and not connect with your viewers, meaning you will have distinctively un-funny comedy. Finding a good balance between old and new can be difficult – and that is where Code-E manages to score big points.
With a refreshingly different and absolutely hilarious setup, the series is pure and undiluted slice-of-life comedy with just that special something that makes it stand out in a crowd. Taking a distinctively alternative look at the old and used “finding your place in society” theme, Code-E retains exactly the right amount of seriousness in its plot while excelling in the situation comedy department again and again. The characters, while essentially a staple cast for this kind of series (like the naïve nerd guy, the shy megane girl and the mysterious traditional girl), are given full-fledged personalities over the course of the series, and literally all of them are so lovable that their rather generic origins are easily forgiven. Add to that a musical score that leaves almost nothing to be desired, from the energetic opening to the bubbly ukulele pieces that accompany a certain character, and you know you have a great series.

Or rather, you have a great first half of a series. After twelve episodes, there is a huge, epic twist in the story, and this twist leads to – nothing. There is a mystery involved in the twist, and it is hinted at, but absolutely not explained, and there is an obviously important character involved in that mystery who just disappears during the twist without having any relevance towards it, and everything just screams “second season” – and that’s where it just ends. No further explanations, no final scenes, just an end that contains no ending.

What’s with all the mystery behind Chinami’s condition? What’s with all the conspiracy stuff that’s hinted at? How could Studio DEEN air a series that’s only half finished? Why is there not at least something halfway satisfactory about episode twelve? Questions that need answering, and had they been answered, Code-E would have been one of the hottest comedy recommendations of the year. As it stands, however, the series is worth a look, but hardly more than that.


Code-E can be downloaded legally in the United States HERE.


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