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Comic Party Revolution


Genre: Comedy
Company: KSS
Format: 4 OVA
Dates: 12/22/2003 to 3/?/2004

Kazuki and Aya are preparing their manga for the next Comic Party convention, but their “friends” will not let them work in peace! Meanwhile, Eimi dreams of taking her first vacation at the beach… until summer school spoils her plans. Will Aya finish her manga in time, and can Eimi ever esclape class to catch some rays?

summary by Kain


Reviewed: 07/05/2005 by
Grade: 66% av-Kain

Highs: Continues the laughs of its predecessors…

Lows: … but the same ol’, same ol’ becomes tedious

The original Comic Party and Comic Party Special were both a pleasant surprise in a genre where others have tried too hard at parody, yet forgot how to delivery good comedy. Producer KSS takes aim at its own success once again, such as its other anime To Heart and numerous related H-games. That self-deprecating humor continues to work because the comedian is also the source material.

But that’s not to say Comic Party Revolution has reached the pantheon of comedic anime, for it has not. Not that I expected much (or any) character development in this anime filled with feverishly lowbrow humor, but the same jokes are told by the same folks. I laughed in the beginning of each episode at the escapades of manga-ka and the fans who love them, then moaned with bemused apathy at how tedious the comedy was at the end. This franchise is certainly being milked for all it’s worth, so for its sake the end better be nigh.

And speaking of which, this anime needs to be viewed in its proper sequence as it assumes the audience is intimately aware of the characters and their roles each one plays, for no background (or even refresher flashbacks) are given. Each episode has its own self-contained plot, as well, so there is hardly a speck of any continuity. In fact, more so than the other series in this franchise, Comic Party Revolution has very less to do with manga or doujinshi conventions and more with cutting and pasting the same characters in clichéd situations, such as the ubiquitous baseball game and day-at-the-beach episodes.

Comic Party Revolution is a misnomer for it is neither revolutionary or even evolutionary. What it does, though, is stick with a formula that has worked in the past; it knows its limitations and does its best to work within them.


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