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Comic Party Special


Genre: Comedy
Company: KSS/OLM
Format: 4 OVA
Dates: 2001

Kazuki and friends are at it again, but this time they travel to a unique doujinshi convention that takes place in a hot spring! While basking in the warm waters the day before the convention, Taishi and Kazuki find a strange statue of Multi with the inscription “Thou shall not touch”! So what do they do? Being the super fans that they are, they grab the statue… which transports them to an ancient world where doujinshi once reigned supreme.

summary by Kain


Reviewed: 04/09/2004 by
Grade: 74% av-Kain

Highs: Funnier than Comic Party; Yuu’s infectious energy

Lows: One big filler episode; an excuse to show fan service

I enjoyed watching Comic Party, but during the show I kept telling myself “oh, they could have done this part better” on more than one occasion. It is an anime that has a great premise but just didn’t maximize its full parody potential. In comes Comic Party Special, which does succeed a good bit more where its predecessor had failed.

While the story itself is very easy to follow (this OVA is made up of four episodes that only run six minutes each and feels like a single filler episode), it does require a bit of background in doujinshi, conventions and KSS’ other anime To Heart. If you don’t have such a background, you will probably be a little lost, like when everyone clasps their hands and says, “Hiroyuki-san!”. It’s pretty humorous for those of us who understood the reference. There are also other hilarious tie-ins, such as doujinshi being the downfall of Sodom and Gomorrah and the Tower of Babel.

Censorship restrictions on OVAs offer far more leeway than television series, and Comic Party Special puts that fact to good use. Comic Party has nary a sign of any fan service, which was much appreciated. I had a feeling this OVA used the setting of a hot spring just so they can parade the characters in skimpy bathing suits.

Overall, given the short episodes and the humor, I felt like my time was well spent with this anime. It’s not going to change the world or even your outlook on anime in general, so you may have to dissect it a bit to find what you like about it. For me, I can never get enough of Yuu’s oh-so thick Kansai accent!


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