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Di Gi Charat: A Trip to the Planet


a.k.a. Di Gi Charat: Hoshi no Tabi

Genre: Comedy
Company: Broccoli
Format: 1 movie
Dates: 12/22/2001

Bored with the daily life at Gamers, Deijiko decides (for the whole gang) that they will take a temporary vacation back to their home planet. After a heartfelt good-bye (and dealing with a certain stowaway…), the Di Gi Charat crew takes off into outer space. However, the Black Gema Gema gang will ensure that it’s not a safe journey.

summary by Kei


Reviewed: 08/31/2002 by
Grade: 70% av-Kei

Highs: Improves on the lows from the television series

Lows: It’s just not the same

Just what we always wanted to see, right? A Di Gi Charat anime with good animation and plot, right? It pains me to say this (and Di Gi Charat is the only series you’ll ever hear me say this for), but, in my opinion, the improved animation and plot was this movie’s downfall.

Now, before you call the loony bin, hear me out. In the case of this movie, most of the off-the-wall hilarity and chaos from the first television series was traded in for the improved animation and plot. Now, mind you, that would work for most series, however that random chaos and sugarcoated sweetness is what makes Di Gi Charat the odd (yet decent) series that it is. Taking some of that away is like taking away a support beam from a house.

Thankfully, there was just enough random comedy to keep a smile on my face for the entire length of the movie. It’s at least worth watching the first five minutes of the movie for the commentary on the screen format and the character introductions.

Di Gi Charat: A Trip to The Planet is pretty much just for the die-hard fans of the series. If the original series didn’t tickle your fancy… or if your name is Mugs… then you should probably skip this one.


Reviewed: 12/21/2004 by
Grade: 64% av-Kain

Highs: Some good laughs

Lows: Just ends suddenly… or is that a good thing?

Ah yes, just what the world needed: a toned-down version of Di Gi Charat. Never mind the fact that what separated the television series from the cookie cutter anime of its time is its mocking, intelligent manner of tickling the funny bone; the franchise ever since has been all about pushing Gamers’ merchandise by reliving now-stale characters and introducing new, stale ones. And yet fans can’t stop eating this stuff up.

What surprised me is the length. Being a movie, I sat down expecting a good hour or so of Deijiko and her cronies up to no good. To my surprise, the entire running time was in the twenty-minute ballpark, which both abruptly cut off the ending and mercifully put this poor anime to rest. You see, it’s one thing to have a poor story, but it’s another to give a poor story to an anime not meant to have any story to begin with.

And that’s really what is wrong with this anime. It takes the characters and the scenarios of Di Gi Charat and places them in a story that they aren’t suited for. Even the upgraded and smooth artwork and the animation are ill-suited for the task; imagine if Miyazaki were to animate South Park. It just wouldn’t fit.

Fans of the original (especially those with ample money and lax spending habits) will probably enjoy this movie… but then again, tastes are so fickle it’s hard to say in this case. It does contain a few moments worthy of laughter, if that’s any consolation.


The original Di Gi Charat series, specials A Trip To The Planet, the Christmas Special, and other specials may be downloaded legally in the United States as a single torrent HERE.


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