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Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure Special


a.k.a. Dual! Paralle Lunlun Monogatari Special

Genre: Action/Comedy
Company: Pioneer LDC/AIC
Format: 1 OVA
Dates: 12/22/1999

Peace has been brought to both Earths, and everyone is living out their lives as normal citizens. But how normal could life be for war hero Kazuki living with five beautiful women under the same roof? Apparently, he doesn’t need to wait long to find out. An ancient artifact that is the key to their adventures in the parallel universes forces Kazuki to hop in the saddle yet again, but this time it’s outer space or bust!

summary by Kain


Reviewed: 12/20/2004 by
Grade: 62% av-Kain

The Dual! Special was shaping up to be a pretty good follow-up to the entertaining Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure television series. “Was” being the operative word in this case. Like so many sequels before it, the producers should have known when to leave well enough alone.

This OVA sequel picks up right where the television series left off. Why, I’m not sure. Dual! had a pretty confined story line and left very little to interpretation when all was said and done; essentially, there wasn’t any loose threads left over for a continuation, therefore this anime had to settle for a new story. Bad move. The Dual! Special conjures up some unfathomable (even by Dual! standards) and thin plot to send the cast into outer space… but never ends up doing so. This OVA finishes just when the semblance of some form of story was about to take shape; with no more OVAs in the years that have followed, I can only base my review on this single episode… and I am very disappointed because of that.

To be fair, the Dual! Special is perhaps even funnier than its predecessor. Since taste in comedy varies from person to person, those asking what kind of humor resides in this anime need look no further than Love Hina. I mean, c’mon: a Keitaro-esque male lead surrounded by a veritable harem of beauties, one of whom expresses her affection for him with an assortment of punches and kicks.

This anime is, essentially, a harem shounen anime that happens to use the same characters from Dual!, which in turn is a parody of Evangelion. For fans of the series only.


Dual! and the OVA Special can be downloaded legally in the United States in one single torrent HERE.


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