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Final Approach


Genre: Comedy/Drama/Romance
Company: ZECXS/Trinet Entertainment
Format: 13 episodes
Dates: 10/7/2004 to 1/6/2005

Mizuhara Ryo and his younger sister Akane had been living on their own ever since their parents died, managing to have a somewhat normal teenage life. What they didn’t know is that the Japanese government started a secret program to address the decreasing fertility rate which threatened the country, forcing young couples to marry. Unfortunately for Ryo, he was selected as the guinea pig for the experiment and was forcefully introduced to his new fiancée, Shizuka, and her cohort of State-appointed bodyguards. Will Ryo be able to get out of this mess?

summary by Soundchazer


Reviewed: 04/21/2006 by
Grade: 22% av-Soundchazer

Highs: It only lasts 13 minutes per episode

Lows: Would not fit this space

I never thought I would see the day when I would wish to watch Peach Girl or Psychic Academy. Whomever thought that Final Approach was a project worth investing in was probably out of his mind, completely stoned or must have incredibly deep pockets and would rather spend money on bad anime than a nice trip, a Jaguar or a donation to a third world country.

First of all, we have incredibly clichéd characters, with very little background and even less personality. They are poor excuses of stereotypes that make the characters from any other shounen romantic comedy look smart. If the lack of story behind the protagonists isn’t enough, the selective amnesia, improbable reactions and silly attitudes will probably kill the mood for even the most devoted fan of the genre.

The story is no better. It may seem kind of funny at first, at least when reading the summary, but come on… even a kid who has seen a couple of romantic comedies before would be able to realize how this one will play out. The premise is predictable, and the producers make no attempt to deviate from it, making this story a yawnfest that not even a bottle of cheap tequila will make more festive. And the character designs just lack any type of spark. At least anime like Onegai Twins and Kiddy Grade have nice eye candy to look at. Heck, there isn’t even enough fan service to at least give you something to cheer about.

The only reason why I would recommend this anime would be to play an April Fool’s joke on someone… and it would be a cruel joke at that. I think you will find more joy out of having a root canal, watching your dog Sparky take a dump or shooting yourself in the foot. I wish I could get some sort of reimbursement for the waste of time this anime was. Avoid it at all costs.


Final Approach can be downloaded legally in the United States HERE.


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