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Final Fantasy: Unlimited


a.k.a. FF:U

Genre: Action
Company: Square-Enix/TV Tokyo/Gonzo
Format: 25 episodes
Dates: 10/2/2001 to 3/26/2002

A pillar of darkness appeared above the ocean near Sadogashima, and a titanic battle was fought between two magnificent beasts. 12 years later, twins Hayakawa Ai and Yu begin searching for their parents who went exploring the Inner World, which was connected by the pillar. Clues lead them to an abandoned subway station, and they catch a ride on a strange train. It’s there that they are befriended by a mysterious woman named Lisa Pacifist and begin their adventure through the Inner World.

summary by Eek


Reviewed: 08/08/2006 by
Grade: 45% av-Eek

Highs: None come to mind

Lows: Epitome of mediocrity; joke of an ending

Square Enix’s Final Fantasy franchise is one of the most popular in gaming history. Having extensively played only Final Fantasy VII, I can’t say I’m a diehard fan of the series, but Final Fantasy: Unlimited is not an example of how good this franchise can be.

I can honestly say that there are no true high points to be found here. If you lower the bar really far, you can say that there are quite a few to be found but are, in fact, rather mediocre. Let’s run through a checklist. Action? It’s bland for the most part with a few okay fights that are exceptions. Story? The pacing keeps everything moving somehow and doesn’t stagnate too much, but it is unoriginal and consistently of the “Monster of the Week” variety. Characters? The cast is rather stereotypical with minute pieces of background thrown in at random intervals. Animation? The quality has a tendency to come and go at will, and the CGI is overused. Acoustics? A few tracks are mildly catchy, but nothing memorable or that will stay in your head. Seiyuu performances are just adequate. You get my drift. Every episode is fairly boring with scant moments that’ll make you perk up your ears.

The only real low is the ending. Sure, the anime was originally planned to be 52 episodes, yet was cut to 25 due to poor ratings… but there are other anime that have been put in similar situations yet managed to pull through (Gundam X, anyone?). In the final episode, the pacing goes through the roof, grand revelations get pulled out of every nook and cranny and it barely manages to end before the credits scroll. Hell, I’m surprised Kaze was given enough time to show off his DemonGun creation, loading and firing sequence; it wasn’t like we didn’t see it enough in its entirety all throughout the other 24 episodes.

Watching Final Fantasy: Unlimited was like procrastinating on a project for as long as possible; my attention was easily drawn away by the most petty tasks and interruptions. At one point, I even found myself enjoying an opportunity to clean out my refrigerator and freezer just so I wouldn’t have to watch this anime… I think that’s a sign. Playing with matches in a dynamite factory would be better than seeing this.


Final Fantasy: Unlimited can be downloaded legally in the United States HERE.


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