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Good Morning Call


Genre: Comedy/Drama/Romance
Company: Shueisha
Format: 1 OVA
Dates: 8/2/2001

Nao and Uehara were forced to get an apartment together, and over time, they became boyfriend and girlfriend. Lately, Nao has been hanging out with another guy who is attempting to get her into the modeling business, and when she forgets Uehara’s birthday, their relationship begins to fray. Will Nao and Uehara resolve their problems and still stay together?

summary by Eek


Reviewed: 04/12/2004 by
Grade: 59% av-Eek

Highs: Quite a few giggles to be had

Lows: Bland seiyuu cast; too much all at once

Good Morning Call seems to be a part of a trend these days: create a very short anime that people will watch, and, hopefully, they will be enticed to buy the manga. After watching this OVA, I cannot say that I was itching to import the manga at all.

If there is anything this short OVA does well, it is the comedy. There were plenty of times throughout it when it would cause me to giggle, not a full-hearted laugh, but enough for you to smile and take in what was occurring. Most of the humor is derived from characters going into a chibi version of themselves and waving their arms around wildly because they had become embarrassed or annoyed with something or someone. This seemed to happen a lot more in the beginning because the focus began at comedy, went to drama and ended up with some romance.

If one thing is blatantly obvious from the start, it is that the seiyuu cast is entirely too bland. When characters would begin to get angry or even happy, they sounded indifferent all the time, like their respective seiyuu had something else on their mind. As the OVA comes to its halfway point, it becomes ever so obvious that you are getting too much in a short period of time. Seven characters are formally introduced in rapid order, and keeping names straight becomes a task all on its own. Also, had the actual OVA been longer than twenty minutes, it could have helped everything to synch together a lot better; an extra five to ten minutes would have allowed plenty of time for important events to be talked about more thoroughly rather than be brushed over. By the end, I felt I had watched an entire season of soap operas in only five minutes, and keeping track of everything and everyone was simply too much.

Some anime, such as Berserk, successfully create an awareness for their manga by being made into full television series. While several volumes of the manga are summarized in this short OVA, Good Morning Call only serves as being mildly entertaining at best.


Good Morning Call can be viewed legally in the United States on Youtube.


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