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Grandizer, Getter Robot G, Great Mazinger Decisive Battle! The Great Sea Monster


a.k.a. Grandizer, Getter Robo G, Great Mazinger Kessen! Daikaijou!

Genre: Action
Company: Toei Douga/Dynamic Planning
Format: 1 movie
Dates: 7/18/1976

Out from the depths of the ocean rises a terrible menace called Dragonsaurus! The foul beast has been attacking oil tankers and causing tidal waves. When the Getter Robo team proves that the beast is too powerful even for them, they summon the awesome warriors that are Grandizer and Great Mazinger! But are these three super robots strong enough to tackle this fierce beast?

summary by Ender


Reviewed: 07/07/2004 by
Grade: 38% av-Ender

Highs: Good, old-school robot bashing

Lows: What was the point?

What’s more fun than one Nagai Go super robot? Three of them, of course! Simple answer to a simple question, right? Unfortunately, there lies the main problem with this movie; it’s just so simple. Painfully simple.

Let’s get this out, right here, right now: if you are a fan of giant robot shows, Nagai Go, the “Super Robot Wars” games or classic anime from yesteryear, then you may want to give this a watch for the sheer nostalgia of it all. Then again, you can garner the same nostalgia at a quality value from Giant Robo or MazinKaiser. This movie really doesn’t add anything new to their respective series.

Let’s take the date into account. In 1976 these three robot shows were at the peak of their series. They had beat down every monster the screenwriters threw at them. So this half-hour movie comes along, and what do they do? Have the three robots beat up one monster. How is this any different from what they had been doing on television? Heck, this movie even starts with a traditional “giant robot theme song”. And the animation isn’t any different. I know it was the ’70s and all, but they could have at least put some effort into the production. I don’t even know how these three robots got together in the first place. Literally, Dr. Saotome (the good doctor from Getter Robo) just proclaims, “we need Great Mazinger and Grandizer!” Next scene, there they are! It’s no surprise who wins the battle in the end. And I use the word “battle” loosely, as this is a one-sided rocket-punch fest.

This movie was way too short to have been put in Japanese theaters as a stand-alone. So it’s essentially a thirty-minute commercial, and not a terribly fun commercial at that. If you want to waste half an hour remembering your Shogun Warrior days, go for it. But if you want something that’ll fill your craving, you might want to “Mach Wing” it over to something that won’t leave you shaking your head.

FOOTNOTE: Agree largely with honourable Professor Ender, but would like to observe that this seems to be very much a quickie for the kids. In all aspects, this seems to be something you put the little ones in front of on a Saturday morning to keep them distracted while breakfast is cooking. av-Gendo



Grandizer, Getter Robo G, Great Mazinger Kessen! Daikaijou! can be viewed legally in the United States on YOUTUBE.


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