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a.k.a. Super Heavy God Gravion

a.k.a. Choujuushin Gravion

Genre: Action
Company: Gonzo/Lantis/Media Factory/Imagica
Format: 13 episodes
Dates: 10/7/2002 to 12/16/2002

In 2041, Earth is under attack by a mysterious alien presence known as the Zeravire. Earth’s military is powerless, so it’s up to a group of young teenagers led by the mysterious (and overly pretty) Klein Sandman to stop them. Their weapon of choice? The titanic model kit… err, robot Gravion!

summary by Ender


Reviewed: 04/25/2006 by
Grade: 21% av-Ender

Highs: If you can sit through this, you have an iron resolve

Lows: If you can sit through this, you have brittle self-respect

I’d like to start with a confession: I grew up watching giant robot shows, which for me were a part of a childhood I can never reclaim. Every time I watch a mecha anime, I hope to rekindle that lost love from so many years. Now, thanks to Gravion, I can stop my search because after watching it, my dream of salvaging my childhood happiness has been kicked down a very steep staircase. A 13-episode long staircase that happens to be covered in glass shards, rusty nails and rabid skunks with long incisors.

Whoever thought of pairing Obari Masami (the genius behind Tekken and Fatal Fury) with Studio Gonzo should have had his head examined (or lobotomized). The garish art and Obari’s incessant need to bombard the viewer with more fan service than any human being can handle provides for one of the more taxing experiences in anime viewing. The fan service in this show runs all the way from mysterious bishounen to barely-there women’s outfits to breasts that would make zeppelin enthusiasts jealous. Everything one can hope for in the story is mentioned in the summary. There are a few attempts at twists, but these are so poorly done that anyone can see them coming before pressing “play.” The characters are all played-out, multi-colored hair stereotypes that have been strangling the mecha genre since the ’70s.

One can expect very little substance from a Gonzo anime, but at least the visuals are pretty, right? Sadly, this is hardly the case. Gravion cuts too many corners and throws the same tricks the studio has been tossing since Blue Submarine No. 6; retina-burning colors and badly modified CGI.

The mecha designs are just as bad. Gravion resembles a rejected GaoGaiGar design with a Gundam color scheme and provides some very unnecessary transformation sequences. This is all done to the music of JAM Project, a band that’s normally enjoyable, but here… well, let’s just say this isn’t one of the group’s better gigs.

After watching Gravion, I couldn’t help but sigh for a whole hour. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to do things old school; MazinKaiser and Giant Robo showed that. But if one attempts a genre like this, he should attempt to revitalize and not rehash. And Gravion is rehash to the point of refuse. This is one robot that’s better left in the scrap yard.


Gravion  can be downloaded legally in the United States HERE.




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