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Green Green Thirteen: Erolutions


Genre: Comedy/Drama
Company: StarLink/Groover/Studio Matrix
Format: 1 OVA
Dates: 5/28/2004

6 months after the high school girls left, the all-boy Kanenone Academy is turning co-ed, and four women from the incoming school are visiting! It just so happens that one of the women, Kutsuki Futaba, has been sending Takasaki Yuusuke letters ever since her departure. Although Futaba’s love reaches out for Yuusuke, he still cannot forget about his beloved Midori.

summary by Eek


Reviewed: 12/15/2004 by
Grade: 56% av-Eek

Highs: Still plenty of perverted hilarity to go around

Lows: Poor attempt at drama; weak and frivolous porn

Whether you believe it’s simply going back to its H-game roots or taking off the “kid gloves,” Erolutions is a different sequel to Green Green than what one would expect.

Oh, don’t get me wrong; there’s still plenty of comedy in Erolutions. Featuring a few of the insane antics that made the television series such a guilty pleasure, there are enough laughs to go around. Whether the Baka Trio is making love to ice sculptures of women or Yuusuke has an “accident” in bed, there are plenty of opportunities that will have you suffering from asphyxiation because you won’t be able to stop laughing. It’s good to know that the creators still have the touch when it comes to perverted comedy.

But then things start to go horribly wrong. Much like the end of Green Green, Erolutions throws a dramatic spin on itself. It’s difficult at best to even care about the “love triangle” between Yuusuke, Midori and Futaba because there’s never enough time to properly establish the drama and potential romance. This OVA would’ve been far more successful had it just stuck strictly to its strong point: comedy. However, the time for comedy slips through this anime’s metaphorical fingers because of 2 quick hentai scenes; but despite their short length, these scenes take up a proportionally large amount of time in a 25-minute OVA. In addition, I see the hentai from two perspectives: first, there’s too much porn for those who want comedy or drama, and second, there’s a lack of uncensored sex for those who actually want hentai.

As much badmouthing that I’ve given it, Erolutions hints at a sequel that I’d love to see simply for the comedic value. In the meantime, this OVA is good for some laughs but lacks everything that made Green Green a nonstop fun fest.


Green Green and Green Green Erolutions can be downloaded as a set legally in the United States HERE.


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