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Green Green


Genre: Comedy
Company: Pony Canyon/Memory Tech
Format: 12 episodes
Dates: 7/12/2003 to 9/29/2003

It’s summertime at Kanenone Academy, an all-boys high school nestled between the mountains. However, it isn’t until high school girls are transferred in for a one-month trial that the boys begin to truly enjoy school! As the bus’ door opens, Takasaki Yuusuke comes to greet the girls only to have the first one jump on him. Her name is Chitose Midori, and the weird thing is she says that she’s in love with him even though it is the first time that they’ve ever met.

summary by Eek


Reviewed: 12/14/2003 by
Grade: 70% av-Eek

Highs: Perverted high school antics at its best; rocking theme songs

Lows: Shallow and forgettable characters; too much ecchi for some; plot twist mucks up the ending

Shame on me for initially passing this series off as complete junk. After watching the Green Green OVA and knowing that both are based on a hentai game, I thought that Green Green would be of the same ilk as Raimuiro Senkitan. It feels good to be proven somewhat wrong once in a while.

Where I thought that Green Green would fall apart was the approach to its material. While much of the comedy is heavily based on ecchi fan service, I found that it is hard not to laugh at the perverted antics of Tenjin, Ichibansei and Bachigoo, otherwise known as the Baka Trio. Whether referring to women by their breast sizes, trying on women’s clothing to better understand them or just peeping at some of the girls taking a bath, the laughs will constantly roll if this is your kind of humor. And as another surprise, the opening and closing theme songs, Guri Guri and Aozora, respectively, are quite good. I was expecting cheesy J-Pop, but they turned out to be very catchy and enjoyable.

While you may be laughing too hard to notice, the entire cast is incredibly cliché. Granted, not every comedy is meant to have the deepest characters, but with exception of the Baka Trio, no one is particularly memorable simply because they are usually left just standing. Not meaning to sound sexist, but all of the women are just boobs, both literally and figuratively. Speaking of breasts, Green Green ranks pretty high up for being the television series with the most amount of ecchi. Sure, this may be a key part of the humor, but it often went above and beyond what was necessary; one episode is basically a weak recap where all of the lead women spent the entire time in the bath naked. Lastly, there is a plot twist (in a series that has no plot) involving time travel and reincarnation that are suddenly thrown into the formula for worse, and the added drama was the antithesis of what this series really was about.

Forgiving a poor ending (and for some, the ecchi), Green Green is filled to the brim with lecherous comedy and is better than it has any right to be. Take some time to feel naughty, check this series out and be prepared to have a barrel-full of laughs.


Reviewed: 04/14/2004 by
Grade: 73% av-Keitaro

Highs: Often hilarious; shows huge potential

Lows: Not sure what it wants to be; needs more background info

This is the American Pie of anime. Sure, there is a little romance, but fan service and crude humor are the real meat and potatoes of this series. When at its best, Green Green is fantastically compelling despite being the rudest, crudest and most perverted series in recent memory. On the other hand, maybe that’s the very reason it is able to stand out in a genre that continues to disappoint.

This anime triumphs when romance is put second to comedy. The early episodes easily kept my attention with some hilarious scenes that would make even Oe Kintaro from Golden Boy blush. The large cast of quirky characters keeps this show fresh episode after episode. My personal favorite is Tenjin; a big, strong student with a soft heart, obsessed with finding a freshman girlfriend to call him Onii-chama. When Tenjin and his buddies come up with “brilliant” plans to get closer to girls, this show really shines.

But believe it or not, Green Green is marred by an attempt at serious drama. The latter episodes focus more on romance than comedy, and it feels very out of place. The characters are not only shallow but direly lack background info, and it is very difficult to care who falls in love with whom. Also very out of place was the ending. Without spoiling too much, the last couple episodes did not fit in an ecchi high school comedy whatsoever. While not as much of a problem, the animation can be very lacking at times, though the upbeat rock music fits the mood perfectly.

I highly recommend this show to fans of the genre. If you have a taste for crude comedy and aren’t offended by nudity, then Green Green might be right up your alley. This is the kind of show that will bring out the perverted high school kid from within.


Reviewed: 06/01/2005 by
Grade: 65% av-Liegenschonheit

Highs: Comedy is hilarious when it works

Lows: Drama drags the series down; ecchi comedy sometimes goes too far; little character development

Green Green is not an anime for the faint of heart, young children, people with good taste or, hell, people with any taste at all. This hentai game-based anime is a vulgar, ecchi-filled comedy goldmine with enough fan service and bouncing breasts to keep even the most perverted fan boys satisfied… that is, until the whole series takes a turn for the worst in a last-minute attempt at star-crossed, romantic drama.

This anime starts on uneven footing right away, with an energetic opening sequence filled with nudity, both of the curvaceous and humorous kind, and a catchy, upbeat theme song and is immediately followed by a low-key, shadowy sequence about lovers separated by destiny. This seems appropriate, as the entire series is caught off balance, trying to juggle the extreme ecchi antics of the secondary characters with the bland love triangle romance of the main characters. However, in the beginning episodes, this barely seems to matter, as the secondary characters seem to literally steal the show, taking up almost all of the screen time with their perverted plots. Though it is painful to admit, the comedy is almost always extremely effective, hilarious and deliciously dirty. There are times that the laughs do go a bit too far over the line into the grotesque, but it’s doubtful that fans of this particular series will even notice the faux pas. The last few episodes tip the scales to the other extreme as drama and romance overshadow the comedy in a bizarre and totally unfitting turn of events that really adds nothing.

Technically speaking, Green Green is nothing special. The art is passable, the close-ups are clean and bright, the girls are cute, flesh is firm and pink and everyone is strangely shiny. Distance and wide angle shots quickly lose detail, and the animation has its moments of shoddiness, as well. Characters in this anime are numerous and most utterly forgettable. Most of the boys are perverts, and most of the girls are walking breasts waiting to be peeped on. In fact, the only character development to speak of is the dubious transformation of the main male lead from an easygoing nice guy to a whiny jerk overnight.

This anime comes pretty close to failing entirely, but vast amounts of extremely entertaining brainless ecchi comedy manage to save it. Fans of romance and drama had better look elsewhere; there are countless better choices than the watery love triangle in this anime. Fans of ecchi will undoubtedly enjoy this one.


Green Green and Green Green Erolutions can be downloaded as a set legally in the United States HERE.


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