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Hand Maid May


Genre: Comedy/Romance
Company: Wonder Farm
Format: 10 episodes
Dates: 7/26/2000 to 9/27/2000

May is a Cyberdoll delivered to Saotome Kazuya to be his maid. Problem is, she’s 1/6th the size of a normal person, which gets her and Kazuya in trouble quite often. It doesn’t help that the bill for the maid is way out of his budget. Seems like the company wants her back for nonpayment, and will resort to some dastardly deeds to do so.

summary by Kain


Reviewed: 04/19/2004 by
Grade: 77% av-Kain

Highs: Gets funnier as time goes on; some cute, dramatic moments

Lows: Overly simple for some; Tenchi-clone theme has been done to death

I’m pulled in so many directions by this anime. On one hand we have a cheery (perhaps too much so), kawaii, lighthearted comedy. And a good one at that. On the other hand we have a rehash of every Tenchi shounen copycat ever produced, with a dumbed-down plot. Or maybe it just seems that way. You see my dilemma?

The Good: Have you ever watched an anime this cute? The entire series is one running sight gag from beginning to the near end. A lot of the humor is physical and not based on as much fan service as others may have you think. The best thing is that each episode gets increasingly hilarious. The bubblegum J-Pop seems intrusive at first, but it grows on you. Among a decent seiyuu cast, Yamamoto Maria is the standout with her on-target rendition of May.

The Bad: Haven’t we seen this before? A plethora of beautiful Cyberdolls seem inexplicably attracted to Keitar… err, I mean Kazuya. Saber Marionette J, anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Belldan… err, I mean May, is your every-shounen female lead. The story is fragmented, while plot twists are added just because the prior one got stale. It didn’t help that the ending to the main story arc is as cornball as far as endings go.

After weighing in everything, Hand Maid May turns out to be a fairly good anime. Though a connoisseur of thought-provoking anime myself, I can’t help but to relax to a mindnumbingly fun series like this one.


Hand Maid May (incl. OVA) can be downloaded legally in the United States HERE.


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