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Heat Guy J


Genre: Action
Company: Satelight/View Works
Format: 26 episodes
Dates: 10/1/2002 to 3/25/2003

In the future, crimes in the city-state of Judoh City are as rampant as ever. With mass criminal organizations, corrupt politicians, half-beast mercenaries and technological weapons running around, who can clean up the city? Enter the brash, young cop Daisuke Aurora of the Special Forces Unit of the City Management Agency, a branch of police set out to stop crimes before they happen. Of course, one man can’t handle things all by himself, so he has help: his partner, the invincible “heat guy” android, J.

summary by Ender


Reviewed: 10/24/2004 by
Grade: 85% av-Ender

Highs: Wonderful comic book feel; interesting characters; vibrant art and animation

Lows: Odd explanations; music fluxes between good and bad

Ever read a really good comic book, one that was so good that the images and writing just sort of jumped off the page and started moving through your mind’s eye. Heat Guy J is like that, a continuously moving comic book.

Now, when I say “comic book” I don’t necessarily mean manga. Watching this series reminded me of works ranging from X-Men to Batman: the Dark Knight Returns and all the way back to early Action Comics. Each scene is lush and imaginative, and everywhere the series builds up more and more fascination for the viewer, a trait that can be given full credit to the artists and animators. And this isn’t just regulated to the look and feel of the series; the plot works like one found in a good comic, a series of somewhat unrelated stories and events equating to a satisfying finale. Of course, what kind of concoction would this be without the right mix of righteous and villainy? This anime is populated by a cast of primary and secondary characters that are all memorable in their own rights. From the crazed young Don Claire to the “werewolf” Boma to the metal-crushing J himself, these characters know their roles and what to do with them.

The story’s ideas miss as much as they hit. The explanations given to certain ideas like the various other city states, the Tenjou, the Vampire Organization, the Shop and the heat guys are only good enough to whet a viewer’s appetite into wanting to hear more. Sadly, we never do. Then again, this might add to the mystery and the charm of the show if you will it to. The music is a mixed bag, as well. Personally, I happen to like Try Force’s music (especially the opening song, Face), but they sometimes hit the wrong chords at the wrong moments. Occasionally, the music seems to overpower the dialogue and fights with the imagery. A shame, because some of it is really nice music. When the music isn’t fighting the scenes though, then it’s a pleasure to the ears and fits with Judoh City’s atmosphere.

I would recommend this anime not only to comic book fans but to those who want a neat mix of story and style. There’s something in here for fans of… well, just about anything if you just give it a viewing.




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