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Hunter X Hunter: Greed Island Final


Genre: Action
Company: Nippon Animation
Format: 14 OVA
Dates: 2/18/2004 to 8/18/2004

Now that Gon and Killua have established themselves as major players in Greed Island, they are well on their way to being the first ever to collect every card and clear the game. But not everyone is willing to stand back and watch Gon take the prize. Gensuru, a very dangerous fighter with some killer techniques, is going to do whatever it takes to steal Gon’s cards and prevent him from taking home the grand prize.

summary by Keitaro


Reviewed: 12/19/2004 by
Grade: 34% av-Keitaro

Highs: This arc is finally over

Lows: Horrible pacing; tedious fights; irritating voice acting; shoddy animation

That’s it. I’m officially done with the Hunter X Hunter series. Ever since the first Greed Island OVA, the quality of this anime has been taking a major dive, and it just hit rock bottom. In fact, I was astounded from start to finish by how little effort appears to have gone into Greed Island Final.

So where do I begin? How about the biggest problem: pacing. Fight scenes are painfully stretched into several episodes, and parts that would be essential to the story are so rushed as to eliminate any possible character development. The story does not help to make up for that, either. The fights are terribly directed and contain no suspense, and the story line is not any better. The only good thing to come out of the story was the ending, simply because I never have to worry about suffering through a third OVA taking place in Greed Island.

For an anime that is centered around action, Greed Island Final does a very poor job in this area. The animation appears to have been done very hastily and is much worse than the television series was at any point. Considering the expanded budget and time frame of the OVA format, it’s difficult not to be peeved by this. Along with animation, the voice acting is another aspect that has taken a dive. The seiyuu, particularly Hisoka’s, give some the worst performances of their careers and often sound completely different than in the rest of the series.

There’s no question in my mind that this anime was created for no reason but making as much profit as possible while putting in the minimum amount of work. After all, with an established fan base, this OVA was bound to fly off the shelves either way. If you can manage to get your hands on the manga, I promise you that your money and time will be better spent.


Reviewed: 03/30/2005 by
Grade: 55% av-Eek

Highs: Finally, a quasi-conclusive ending!

Lows: Plot holes abound; empty characters; wastes a lot of time; generic music

Yes, it’s official: Hunter X Hunter has fallen from grace. What started off as a great anime franchise that was more addictive than crack has decayed into another Dragonball Z clone filled with useless fights, lots of powering up and even more screaming. Is it even possible to consider learning a new superpower to be character development?

At least Greed Island Final got a chronic problem corrected. The last episode brings Gon’s quest to find his father, Jin, to an end. It isn’t overly sappy nor is it great, but it is somewhat satisfying to see the end of Gon’s quest after 62 television and 30 OVA episodes. Still, this doesn’t wrap up some plot points like Hisoka’s desire to duel Kuroro, the Genei Ryodan’s presence in Greed Island and the future of the Nostrad family. Maybe these will be taken care of if there’s ever another OVA sequel.

But the meat of the problems has yet to be discussed. Greed Island Final creates a rather large plot hole that is impossible to dig out of, and here it is: Greed Island exists in the real world. How does this create plot holes? The existence of cards and their abilities, non-player characters and entire towns cannot possibly be explained without ripping apart the rules that the Hunter X Hunter world had adhered to. Throw in a deus ex machina towards the end and we’re only warming up. Character personalities are, for the most part, nonexistent. Hisoka’s scary yet mysteriously likeable persona is nowhere to be found, Biscuit never seems to develop beyond her two-dimensional role and cameos by President Netero, Tonba, Kurapica, Neon and others serve no purpose other than to kill time. Speaking of which, that’s one area this OVA “excels” at: with a lot of over-analysis, introspection, slow motion action and still shots, a rather large chunk of time is wasted for no real purpose. And adding insult to injury, the music is bargain bin quality. Literally, it sounds like someone picked a beat style and started hitting random keys on an electronic keyboard.

When most of the cast is found playing dodgeball with superpowers for a few episodes, it’s clear that the Hunter X Hunter series has taken a dive. Greed Island Final is a shining example of how far a once-great franchise can plummet.

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Hunter X Hunter: Greed Island Final can be downloaded legally in the United States HERE.


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