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Hunter X Hunter OVA


Genre: Action
Company: Nippon Animation
Format: 8 OVA
Dates: 1/17/2002 to 4/17/2002

Just when our heroes thought that they had defeated the Genei Ryodan, a gang of murderous criminals, they soon learn otherwise. The Spiders are back with one thing on their minds: revenge against Kurapica for killing one of their own. Kurapica, however, is looking for some revenge of his own. Five years ago, the Genei Ryodan completely wiped out the Kurapica’s native tribe, leaving him as the only survivor. Now it is time for the final showdown!

summary by Keitaro


Reviewed: 06/21/2003 by
Grade: 89% av-Keitaro

Highs: High-quality animation; edge-of-your-seat suspense; successfully ties up several plot holes

Lows: Some questions still go unanswered; not enough Hisoka

As much as I loved Hunter X Hunter, there were several flaws to be found that really hindered the series overall; the biggest problem being the ending. This OVA picks up right where the series left off and wraps up one chapter of the show with a bang.

The mood has changed greatly in this OVA. Not only is the art quality much, much better than in Hunter X Hunter, but it also has a darker ambiance to it. There is no humor to be found here, and this contributes to the success of the show. Instead of trying to do everything, Hunter X Hunter OVA does one thing and does it right: being an action show with lots of suspense.

Though this anime leaves many questions yet unanswered, it does answer several others while wrapping up Kurapica’s adventures very well. The story is directed perfectly. The characters’ personalities have been fleshed out and are now deeper than ever. The pacing is right on target so that there is never a dull moment, and it is hard not to watch all eight parts in one sitting. While this OVA is not flawless, I had a hard time finding anything really wrong with it. My only real complaint is that Hisoka did not get a more significant enough role in the story when he should have been one of the stars, seeing as how closely he is tied to both the Spiders and Kurapica.

Any other complaint I could possibly come up with would just be nitpicking. This anime is truly a worthy sequel to its predecessor and should be watched by fans without a moment’s hesitation. If only all sequels could be this good…


Reviewed: 03/14/2005 by
Grade: 78% av-Eek

Highs: Keeps the suspense going; good ending to the Genei Ryodan Arc

Lows: Action? Hollow antagonists; ends without answering much

Regardless of what opinions exist about Hunter X Hunter, it’s impossible to deny that the ending left off with most plot points unresolved. Seeing as how fans were crying for more, the production crew had more manga they could animate and Nippon Animation always wants to make a buck or two, Hunter X Hunter OVA was born.

The Genei Ryodan arc of Hunter X Hunter was, arguably, the best part of the anime. Here, the same dark and brooding atmosphere is present, and the high level of suspense caused by the careful timing of events is flawlessly carried over. Indeed, if you watch the television series and this OVA back to back, you won’t notice any hitches in the storytelling style or how well the atypical yet intelligent revenge plot continues to unfold. The story arc wraps itself up quite well by tying together many loose ends, and although not everything is resolved, such plots are left open for the franchise to continue. Without spoiling it, there really isn’t much else to say.

Yet this OVA lacks a certain Hunter X Hunter touch because the fun-filled action from the television series is practically nonexistent here. For a shounen fighting anime, there’s only one fight in eight episodes, and it’s rather short-lived. While this does allow for many chances to understand the Genei Ryodan members, such opportunities aren’t usually taken. Sympathizing for them isn’t possible, even though they are shown to be not as evil as one might be led to believe. Lastly, the final episode ends with quite a few questions up in the air, like the true fate of the Genei Ryodan and Gon’s attempt to buy a copy of the game Greed Island at the York Shin City auctions to continue his quest of finding his father.

If you’ve already invested 62 episodes-worth of time into Hunter X Hunter, you might as well put in another eight episodes-worth and watch Hunter X Hunter OVA. But seeing as how this anime is the peak of the franchise’s story quality, whether you want to continue and watch Greed Island is up to you.

See also:  Hunter X Hunter: Greed Island and Hunter X Hunter: Greed Island Final


Hunter X Hunter OVA can be downloaded legally in the United States HERE.


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