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Iketeru Futari


Genre: Comedy
Company: TBS/Pioneer LDC
Format: 16 episodes
Dates: 2/2/1999 to 2/26/1999

Saji Keisuke is a perverted high school student, so when he answers his father’s cell phone and hears a girl named Alice asking him to meet her for some “fun”, he thinks that this may be his big chance. He goes to rendezvous with the caller, but while searching for her he bumps into one of his classmates, the mysterious Koizumi Akira. Saji realizes that “Alice” is in fact Koizumi, and she explains she had just been calling older men as a prank. Even though he had been tricked, Saji still finds Koizumi alluring; from that moment on, he is determined to become her boyfriend.


summary by Gatts


Reviewed: 03/26/2003 by
Grade: 51% av-Gatts

Highs: Occasionally worth a laugh or two; the opening theme

Lows: Humor quickly get old; excessively ecchi

While ecchi comedies are not the most sophisticated genre, they still manage to be entertaining. However, sometimes the humor falls short of the mark, and all that is left is a show crammed with fan service. Unfortunately, Iketeru Futari falls into the latter category and ends up only being mildly amusing at best.

Considering the fact that each episode is just barely over five minutes in length, it isn’t very surprising that the creators decided to forgo any attempt at character development and a deep plot and instead focused solely on comedy. However, the same jokes are repeated over and over again, and after a certain point watching a guy get hit for making an obscene comment just isn’t very funny. Some anime can get away with reoccurring jokes because of strong, likable characters, but the ones in Iketeru Futari are flat and clichéd. The two lead characters are classic stereotypes; Saji is the typical perverted teenage boy who, despite how he acts, isn’t so bad and Koizumi is the mysterious, violent girl who can’t admit that she has feelings for the male lead. All of this has been seen countless times, and other anime have managed to do it much better.

This anime doesn’t fare much better in other regards, either. The character designs are all pretty generic aside from a few that are obviously “inspired” by other popular anime characters. The animation is nothing to write home about despite the well-animated opening sequence. Speaking of the opening credits, the theme that plays during it is one of the better aspects of the series, but the song soon grows annoying because every piece of background music is a remix of it.

Comedy is very subjective, so this brand of sophomoric humor might be a success with some audiences, but the lack of plot and characters make the overall experience unmemorable. The humor fails, leaving behind an anime packed with fan service, nudity and little else.


Iketeru Futari can be downloaded legally in the United States HERE.


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