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Isshoni Sleeping: Sleeping With Hinako


Genre: Ecchi
Company: Studio Hibari/Primastea
Format: 1 OVA
Dates: 02/11/2010

Hinako goes to sleep. She sleeps for a while. Then she wakes up and hits on you.

summary by Illjwamh


Reviewed: 04/01/2012 by
Grade: 29% av-Illjwamh

Highs: Inexplicably hilarious

Lows: Seriously?

I watched this on a lark. I wanted to see if they really did just have 45 minutes of a girl sleeping. It was only half that, though, and then other stuff started to happen – kind of. And I didn’t cheat, either; I watched the whole thing. And you know what else? It was hilarious.

It isn’t supposed to be – at least I don’t think it is. It’s supposed to be ecchi and fanservicey because they keep focusing on her boobs, her bottom, etc., but I’ve seen more enticing still art that quite frankly didn’t have that constant breathing in the background. To me, the fact that this anime even exists at all is just really, really funny.

All throughout it I was thinking things like, “Who’s directing this?” and “Did the voice actor do all the work or did they just loop it?” I kept picturing a guy in a beret with a bullhorn calling directions like, “Cut to camera two…camera three…booby cam…back to two…” and a girl in a recording studio breathing into a microphone for 20 minutes occasionally murmuring softly or humming. Or maybe she actually went to sleep in there and they just recorded that? I don’t know.

I will admit that by around the halfway point the novelty was starting to wear a little thin, but right around that point is when other things start going on; she wakes up and sings, talks in that weird way where you don’t know if she’s aware of the fourth wall or is just crazy and talking to an imaginary person. This goes on for the rest of the video (with intermittent sleeping) and it’s about as tedious as you might imagine. It’s all self-indulgent garbage for people who identified with Lars and the Real Girl. To be honest I think I would have liked it more if they had just gone with her sleeping the entire time. It would have been a ballsier move, and it would have – for some people at least – had that effect where a joke drags on for so long that it goes past being stale and somehow becomes funny again.

All things considered, this is a completely ridiculous piece of nonsense and its only redeeming factor whatsoever is that it’s so ridiculous it becomes legitimately funny. For a little while.


Isshoni Sleeping: Sleeping with Hinako can be downloaded legally in the United States HERE.


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