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Jungre de Ikou!



Genre: Comedy, mahou shoujo, hentai
Company: Studio Fantasia, MOVIC, Star Child
Format: 3 OVA
Dates: 3/26/1997

“What a slutty transformation . . .”

10 year old Natsumi’s father, Fuyuhiko, is an archaeologist who has returned home from an expedition in New Guinea. He has brought her (with questionable legality) a peculiar stone idol, with earrings which seem to match it. By wearing the earrings, Natsumi releases the spirit captive within the idol, God of Destruction, Ongo: who at this juncture is a smallish, chibi/super-deformed boy. In a dream, Earth god Ahem appears to Natsumi and gives her a magic necklace to help her combat the seemingly innocuous Ongo.  Ahem also teaches her a magical dance by which to transform into Mii, the Flower Goddess. At her father’s archeological exhibition, Natsumi’s friend Nami accidentally learns how to transform into Water Goddess Rongo, Ongo’s alleged fiancee. When Ongo’s latent destructive urge comes forth and he threatens to destroy Japan, the girls must team up and use their magical (and erotic) powers to tame him.

summary by Papa-san

Reviewed: 2/9/2015 by

Grade: 40% av-Gendo

Highs: Interesting & original premise; a few good laughs; Natsumi beating up on Takuma; title song and sequence

Lows: Eroticizing little girls; juvenile sensibilities

On the surface, this could have been a very different show, a much better show. As noted, the premise is rather original. Unfortunately, the idea of loli is not. By all external references, Natsumi is 10 years old and looks like she could be perhaps 12. The frequent (and lurid) use of panty shots and upskirts, including a legs-spread-wide at only 4 minutes into this, and another less than a minute later, makes one question exactly what demographic the producers were catering to: not to mention what demographic the producers might have been.  When we up the ante with magical transformation dances which include as much hip-grinding as a “Baby Got Back” video, combined with boob-squeezing (as much boob as these little girls can boast of, anyway), and climaxing with – well – what seem to be climaxes – one is left with something of the horrified fascination one feels when speeding by an ambiguous shape by the side of the road and wondering if that was really a dead dog or just an old blanket.

Add in now the wizened old earth god Ahem, who is “dressed” in concededly authentic New Guinea style, sporting nothing but an extraordinarily elongated koteka (look it up), and the formula for an 8th-grade giggle-fest is complete. But wait! That’s not all!!!

Natsumi and Nami, when transformed into mahou shoujo Mii and Rongo, are not only mature, but as well-endowed bosomically as the finest Beverly Hills plastic surgeon could ever supply to one girl who could still stand up straight on her own. And then . . . and then . . . when Ongo transforms from chibi-Ongo to kaijuu-Ongo, and Mii & Rongo follow suit to become giantesses . . . well, that’s when the jiggle-fest really begins.

And all that is, as I suggest, a shame. Because there was real potential here for something much better. Right off the bat, Natsumi is cute and appealing. I liked her plenty, and did not need to look up her skirt as she leans across the dinner table talking to Daddy. I actually felt embarrassed for her; I wanted to tell her to sit down like a lady. Even more so when she actually is embarrassed doing the transformation dance, bemused by Ahem’s koteka, or horrified by her mother’s suggestion that it is “that time” (though we are informed a bit later that that is indeed the case.)

Nami too, her own transformation dance & sequence are even more suggestive and disturbing. Unfortunately, we don’t learn much about Nami, except that she is a bit of an oddball and wants to learn to rule the world through New Guinean magic. Oh, and just to make sure all the bases are covered, one scene suggests that Nami is making a very strong pass at Natsumi – she is not, but that does not stop a classroom full of male nosebleeds.

Takuma is interesting. He is a bit of a stooge to Natsumi’s often-unjustified wrath, and she smacks him around quite a bit. Unusually, he is rather chubby for an anime character, at least where said chubbiness is not some plot point or for comedic purposes; he may be a stooge but he is not a clown.

On the artistic side, the opening theme and sequence is quite good, as is the incidental music. Graphically quite good too, especially the first scenes with Fuyuhiko in New Guinea. Even the dances are quite amusing and creative, all inappropriate eroticism aside. As I say, there was a lot of potential here. Too bad it wound up such a juvenile display.

Jungre de Ikou! can be downloaded legally in the United States HERE.




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