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Kimagure Orange Road OVAs


a.k.a. Whimsical Orange Road OVAs

Genre: Comedy/Romance
Company: Studio Pierrot
Format: 8 OVA
Dates: 3/1/1989 to 4/1/1991

The adventures of Kyosuke, Madoka and Hikaru continue in these eight OVA episodes: White Lovers; Hawaiian Suspense; I was a Fish, I was a Cat; Hurricane! Akane the Shapechanger; Stage of Love Heart on Fire! Spring is for Idols; Stage of Love Heart on Fire! Birth of a Star; Unexpected Situation; and Message in Rouge.

summary by Madoka


Reviewed: 01/24/2003 by
Grade: 87% av-Madoka

Highs: Improved animation; new surroundings and characters create excitement

Lows: Slight continuity problems

While I probably won’t be one to ever say that there’s such a thing as too much Kimagure Orange Road, I have to wonder about the purpose of most of these OVA episodes in the grand scale of the overall story. Granted, the three main characters do have the chance to leave the same old backdrop of the television series for some fantastic new adventures, but these episodes do nothing to advance the central plot.

In these outings, the trio visits exotic locales, interact with a newly introduced member of the Kasuga family and even get to become stars for a day (presumably these stories occur during their time in high school, before the events of Kimagure Orange Road: I Want to Return to That Day). Each OVA breathes life into the Kimagure Orange Road universe by taking the characters out of school and placing them into new situations that aren’t as predictable.

These stories are much more action-packed and faster paced than the television series, which means that Kyosuke is forced in almost every episode to use his powers. The main problem with that is that he blatantly uses them in front of Madoka several times, yet she still never notices. It may be a seemingly small continuity error, but one large enough to make “hard-KOR” fans scratch their heads in confusion.

While heavy on the action and light on the romance, don’t expect to see a lot of passion, although there are definitely some sweet romantic moments in these episodes. Unlike the movie, this series of OVAs still embrace the comedy and fun that make up the lighter parts of Kimagure Orange Road, and so nothing affects the three main characters enough to make any story-altering decisions. Enjoyable and as whimsical as its name, the OVAs are a treat for fans who appreciate the comedy and vitality of Kimagure Orange Road.


Kimagure Orange Road OVAs can be downloaded legally in the United States HERE.


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