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Kyo no go no ni


Genre: Comedy
Company: Shinkuukan
Format: 4 OVA
Dates: 03/24/2006

Ryota is a normal fifth-grader in a normal elementary school on the verge of discovering the opposite sex. Unfortunately for him, these “discoveries” always seem to take the form of embarrassing situations with his female classmates…

summary by Taleweaver


Reviewed: 02/28/2007 by
Grade: 74% av-Taleweaver

Highs: Genuine slice of life; lovable characters; funny without being wacky

Lows: Some repeated gags; male side-characters underused

Ah, the days of elementary school! Lots of time to play, far from the seriousness of adult life and being around your friends all day. What could be possibly better? Kyo no go no ni takes a closer look at elementary school kids – with a special focus on their first experiences with risqué situations. Each OVA features five small episodes, just as each school day has five lessons.

Most of the time, the OVAs just show the everyday school lives of Ryota and his friends, and they do it genuinely, without being over-the-top or forcibly wacky. The general mood of Kyo no go no ni is just as you might remember it from your own school days. The characters depicted (especially the girls) are absolutely lovable, with quirky, distinct personalities that shine without being overly cliché – something you rarely find in a comedy show.

The entire humor of Kyo no go no ni revolves around embarrassing situations between Ryota and one or more of the girls, but surprisingly, the situations are funny without being wacky. All laughs are developed carefully, and when Ryota is in the middle of a sticky situation in the end of an episode, it is always the result of relatively normal behavior. That’s the great strength of the OVAs: creating funny moments out of everyday situations. The ending is also notable here: for such an episodic series, it really gives everything a hint of much-appreciated closure. Kudos!

Their one decisive weakness, however, is the repetitiveness of some of the comedy. There are only so many upskirt situations you can watch before you get too much of it. The potential of jokes on people undressing for medical check-ups is limited. Kyo no go no ni has a few truly original comedic situations; the rest are slightly altered variations of the same joke. On the same note, Ryota’s male friends have almost no role in the OVAs except for the setup of the episodes. Maybe the comedy would have been a little more diverse had the script made better use of them and their quirks.

Kyo no go no ni is an entertaining little comedy series; the sexual content (very mild nudity and exposed underwear) is harmless and definitely suitable for young teenagers. If this series of OVAs has one thing to go for it, it’s the way it brings your elementary school days back to your memory. Watch it once, just for the old times’ sake.


Kyo no go no ni can be downloaded legally in the United States HERE.


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