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Love Hina Again


Genre: Comedy/Romance
Company: TV Tokyo
Format: 3 OVA
Dates: 1/19/2002 to 3/27/2002

As a result of an injury, Keitaro cannot attend his first year at Tokyo U so he goes on an excavation with Seta-san. Things are pretty much the same at the Hinata Inn, that is until an unexpected guest arrives and takes over Keitaro’s duties as manager. This girl reveals herself to be none other than Urashima Kanako, Keitaro’s sister, and with her in the house some big changes are going to be made. She has her eyes set on one thing and will stop at nothing to get it.

summary by Keitaro


Reviewed: 12/20/2004 by
Grade: 75% av-Keitaro

Highs: Brings back all the great things we loved about Love Hina; OVA 1

Lows: Story moves too fast and leaves out important details; too much fan service; OVA 3

When I heard the news of a new Love Hina OVA that would wrap up the story, I wasn’t just happy… I was ecstatic. Unfortunately, after watching OVA 1 I wasn’t so thrilled, and after watching OVA 2 and 3 I was downright disappointed. Love Hina Again could have been so much but just wasn’t handled right.

This anime suffered from the same problem that Akira had: trying to fit a huge amount of story from the manga into a short amount of time. As a result, the series felt incomplete. By the time it was over, I wondered to myself, “Did I miss something?” For an OVA that was supposed to wrap up the story, Love Hina Again did a poor job. I felt like I was running a race just trying to keep up with what was happening. The creators needed to slow down and make this a longer OVA instead of trying to cram so much story into 3, short parts.

Yes, this OVA series has a few things wrong with it, but it also had a lot of the great things that made Love Hina such a success. The characters are all back, including the newly introduced Kanako. Some of my old favorites even make appearances such as Sakata Kentaro and Narusegawa Mei. Also, if you have seen the television series, you know you can expect great music, incredible seiyuu and unbelievable art. Oh, and did I mention fan service? Love Hina Again has so much fan service that I often wondered if they really cared about doing the story justice. Normally I don’t mind it, but in this case they really overdid it and took away from the story.

If you have seen Love Hina, you just have to see Love Hina Again. It wraps up the storyline much better than the original did and gives the series one more run. Sure, it could have, and should have, turned out a lot better, but every Love Hina fan needs to see this… just as long as you don’t expect it to top the original.


Reviewed: 12/20/2004 by
Grade: 46% av-Kain

Highs: Finally some closure

Lows: Animation is bad for an OVA; scenes make little sense; too condensed

Wow, what a complete disappointment. I say this despite the fact that I knew this was going to be subpar coming in, which goes to show how much of a failure I consider this OVA series to be compared to Love Hina and the Christmas and Spring specials.

First off, let’s start with what should have been a given: the animation. It is often times so horrendous that I could not believe I was watching an anime made in 2002. This is especially evident towards the third OVA (the scene where Naru climbs the annex to retrieve the ring brought about Super Mario Bros. flashbacks) when you take into account that the television episodes were able to provide more eyecandy with a far lesser budget just solidifies my argument. I am also a fan of the Love Hina character design over the manga style that was used in the OVAs, but this is strictly personal preference.

Going from bad to worse: the story is about as nonsensical as a story can get. Not only does Love Hina Again have that parts-of-a-manga feel to it, but all the wrong parts were chosen and never given a chance to gel. The sequence of events, particularly after the first OVA, were so hackneyed and without reasoning that I gave up trying to make sense of it all. To top that off, characters (and the focus on them) come and go as they please with an irritating randomness; the insanity in Love Hina was controlled and done with a maniacal genius. No such effort is evident here.

I would normally conclude with a witty comment, but the experience of watching this anime has left me with few words: leave well enough alone.


Love Hina Again can be downloaded legally in the United States HERE.


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