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Love Hina Spring Special: I Wish Your Dream


Genre: Comedy/Romance
Company: TV Tokyo
Format: 1 OVA
Dates: 4/2/2001

The entrance examination is finally here. Thinking he had once again failed, Keitaro decides to abandon his promise and sets sail for a remote island in the Pacific. Feeling it her obligation to knock some sense into him, Naru gives chase… but soon finds that she, too, is pursued by the entire Hinata Sou crew!

summary by Kain


Reviewed: 04/23/2004 by
Grade: 73% av-Kain

Highs: A good amount of laughs; all the significant characters get good air time

Lows: Filler; same detriments as the television series

Right on the heels of the Love Hina Christmas Special, the Spring Special does everything in its power to concentrate on the happier, fluffier side of Love Hina. And by doing so, it makes no progress in what matters most: the relationship between the characters.

There must be some law out there that says every anime with a cast full of women must have at least one episode where they fly off to some exotic locale, only to prance around half naked clad in leaf pantsu. This anime certainly doesn’t want to be the one to break from tradition.

There is a very tenuous connection between the Pacific island and Seta’s archeological expeditions, which prompts the whole cast to make an appearance. This part was done well, for when taking into consideration the one OVA format, each character is given enough time to perform his or her quirky, comedic trademark and then leave. For all the fast-paced, high-energy action, the timing and pacing is well above average.

What really brings Love Hina Spring Special down is the fact that, when it’s all said and done, this OVA is nothing more than a filler episode. For all the Love Hina fans who enjoyed the television series on a surface level (lots of eye candy, kinetic action and fan service), this one’s for you. For those of us who enjoyed Love Hina for its dramatic moments and relationships, we’re better off just sticking with the Christmas Special.


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