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M.D. Geist


Genre: Action
Company: Nippon Columbia/Zero G-Room
Format: 2 OVA
Dates: 1996 to 1997

Most Dangerous Soldier Geist was confined by those who created him because there was no need for him. They never counted on Geist being freed, and now that he has his freedom he intends to take revenge on everyone… everywhere…

summary by Mugs


Reviewed: 09/24/2001 by
Grade: 25% av-Mugs

Highs: There is no way another sequel could be made; the OVAs are short

Lows: Watching these episodes could make you hate anime or drive you insane

OK, this terrible anime nearly drove me from ever watching another one again. It’s really that bad, and I never wanted to think of it again. However, I will brave the horrors that reside in my memories so that no one else ever has to watch this… thing.

When we first meet Geist, he is walking around killing things for no discernible reason. A girl starts following him because he inadvertently helped her. For some reason he doesn’t kill her, but he also doesn’t talk to her or acknowledge her existence. So, in the course of his killing people Geist turns on the Death Force, a doomsday device that releases machines to destroy the populace. End of OVA 1.

OK so far so horrible, right? Well it gets worse in the second installment. The population of the planet should be screwed but apparently there is another Most Dangerous Soldier named Krauser, but this one is good. So conveniently this guy possesses a massive fortress in which he allows humanity to live in and protect them from the Death Force. Well, Geist can’t have this so off he goes to storm the fortress. *spoiler* They fight and everyone dies. Yep, that’s it.

As we can see there is no character development or plot. Ah but there must be good action you’re thinking? Wrong, the action scenes and animation suck. The only redeeming quality is the amazing character design, but that is nowhere near enough to save this title. I beg of you all: do not watch it, if not on my recommendation then for your sanity.


M.D. Geist can be downloaded legally in the United States HERE.*
*Unsure if this is entirely the same pair of OVAs reviewed here. Years are given as 1986 and 1996. All other references seem the same.




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