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Mahoromatic: Something More Beautiful


a.k.a. Mahoromatic: Motto Utsukushii Mono

Genre: Action/Comedy
Company: Gainax/Pioneer LDC
Format: 14 episodes
Dates: 9/27/2002 to 1/16/2003

Following Mahoro’s climactic battle with Ryuga, life has returned to normal… almost. One day, a female android named 370 begins to follow Suguru around. Mahoro decides to adopt her as a sister and is quick to name her Minawa, but after an assassination attempt on their lives, it becomes obvious to Mahoro and Vesper that there’s more to Minawa than she’s letting on. All the while, Mahoro’s remaining operational days are quickly disappearing with each sunset.

summary by Eek


Reviewed: 09/28/2004 by
Grade: 71% av-Eek

Highs: The last five episodes; unique ending

Lows: It’s half filler; the ecchi doesn’t stop

If you’ve never watched Mahoromatic, it’s safe to say that watching Something More Beautiful will be a waste of your time. It is important to have an understanding of characters and everything that had been going on previously…

… just not for half of the show. Literally, half of this anime is filler, the part that I abhorred more often than not. Featuring Mahoro, Suguru and the gang celebrating three holidays, enjoying themselves at the town festival and searching for a threat at school, the plot goes nowhere. Only two parts of interest occurred: the introduction of Suguru’s grandfather and the metamorphosis of Ryuga’s relationship with the protagonists. It could be argued that the point is to show how Mahoro is enjoying what few days she has left alive, but there are many more constructive ways to do that other than showing off Shikijou Saori’s massive melons. Speaking of which, the frequency of ecchi scenes only seems to increase as time goes on. Things like Mahoro’s breast enlarger do make for some humorous moments, but more often than not, I found myself raising an eyebrow instead of laughing.

Fortunately in the latter half, Something More Beautiful returns to the tense, dramatic action that made the first show interesting. An international organization known as Management comes into play as a threat to Vesper and even Saint, and suddenly it doesn’t seem absurd to see a cute girl in a maid uniform sporting a high-caliber pistol. Mahoro and Suguru’s relationship picks up steam and makes some headway, while Minawa’s connection to Management is cleared up. On top of that, the final episode is original, to say the least. Without spoiling it, the destiny of mankind that had been hinted at numerous times throughout both series finally bears fruit, and it’s a mighty tasty fruit at that.

Something More Beautiful wraps up a good, ecchi-filled Gainax series. In the end, wading through all of the filler to watch the ending proved to be more than worth it. As long as you watch Mahoromatic, this anime comes recommended, as well.


Mahoromatic: Something More Beautiful can be downloaded legally in the United States HERE.


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