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Genre: Action
Company: Bandai Visual
Format: 7 OVA
Dates: 9/25/2001 to 9/20/2002

During a battle with Dr. Hell’s nefarious forces, Kabuto Kouji is left for dead and Mazinger Z is destroyed. Who will now save Earth from Dr. Hell’s evil plans? Wait, what’s that? Up in the sky! It’s an Eva! It’s a Valkyrie! It’s… it’s MazinKaiser!

summary by Ender


Reviewed: 04/26/2004 by
Grade: 89% av-Ender

Though more a retelling than a sequel, Nagai Go’s most famous creation steps back into the giant robot fray after a long hiatus. And, boy, is it ever looking to pick a fight!

Let’s get this off the ground first: MazinKaiser is not a parody but a tribute, and this anime knows it. Instead of trying to compete with the Evangelions and Gundams of today, this series returns to its thirty-year-old roots with the sole intent of entertaining the masses. Massive mecha battles, attacks that are needlessly yelled out, vibrant animation, an operatic plot, insidious villains, valiant heroes and a dash of fan service. All this is set to a hard-rocking, knock-you-down soundtrack provided by JAM Project (Soul Taker, the “Super Robot Wars” games). This series takes no prisoners on an action-laden warpath that rivals most cinematic experiences.

However, this kind of entertainment doesn’t appeal to all. A large portion of new-wave otaku, who have never grown up with such guilty pleasures like old school mecha anime may feel left out. All the while, they are left scratching their heads as to what all this could possibly mean and wondering if there is a deeper meaning. I can wholeheartedly assure anyone that, thankfully, it does not get any deeper, or it wouldn’t be so much fun to watch. This is a take-it-or-leave-it anime and holds true to that mantra.

Although MazinKaiser may not be everyone’s slice of sashimi, this is indeed a tremendous source of entertainment that can be watched by anyone with an open mind and thirst for excitement. My suggestion is to put out the dogs, lock the doors and pump up the stereo. You’re in for one “fire-blast” of a good time!


MazinKaiser can be downloaded legally in the United States HERE.


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