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Mezzo DSA


a.k.a. Mezzo Danger Service Agency

Genre: Action
Company: Mezzo Production Committee
Format: 13 episodes
Dates: 1/4/2004 to 4/29/2004

Following their run-in with the Momoi family, the Danger Service Agency is back at it again. With the martial-arts-loving Suzuki Mikura, the android engineer Harada Tomohisa and the ex-police detective Kurokawa Kenichi, the DSA takes up many dangerous jobs without any regard for the law. All is normal until they rescue a girl named Igarashi Asami on a mission whom decides to join the team, and there seems to be a strange boy hiding in the shadows trying to assassinate Kurokawa…

summary by Eek


Reviewed: 12/19/2004
Grade: 56% av-Eek

Highs: Budget-blowing first episode; some odds and ends

Lows: Many of the same faults as Mezzo Forte, as well as new ones

Coming back to direct the sequel to Mezzo Forte, Umetsu Yasuomi thankfully left out any ridiculously unnecessary sex scenes. Unfortunately, someone must’ve forgot to tell him that Mezzo DSA requires a bit more “fire under the pan” if it’s going to leave out practically all of the substance that a television series needs.

But that isn’t apparent at all if you believe that Mezzo DSA will be anything like the first episode. The initial episode makes some big promises to the audience. Featuring animation that’s on par with a movie, the action is so well choreographed that I thought that the rest of the series would sport much of the same high-paced and slick action sequences. All of the main characters (with a new seiyuu cast) are introduced well, and it’s a great comeback episode for Umetsu’s high-octane world. Other than that, we’re given a little badly needed background on all of the protagonists, and one or two plot holes from Mezzo Forte are filled in.

However, after the first episode, everything just went down the tubes faster than you can say “udon”. What little character development we receive is really unnecessary to further understand who everyone is, and most of the action scenes are just boring garbage. You’d expect that watching Mikura get kicked through a concrete wall, a neon sign and a roof all in one shot (and she stands up shortly afterwards) might sound exciting, but it’s a yawn fest and a poor attempt to get sympathy for her all at once. Many of the absurdly unrealistic acrobatics performed make the Final Flight of the Osiris’s initial sequence from The Animatrix look like child’s play by comparison. Even sudden attempts at character development are never acted upon and feel entirely out of place. Lastly, what’s the point of Mikura having the ability to see glimpses of the future?

If you were expecting Mezzo DSA to redefine a genre or pack some great laughs, think again. The first episode is well worth anyone’s 20 minutes, but the rest of the anime just isn’t up to the level that it set for itself. Please try again, Umetsu.


Mezzo DSA can be downloaded legally in the United States HERE.


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