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Mobile New Century Gundam X


a.k.a. Gundam X

a.k.a. After War Gundam X

a.k.a. Kido Shin Seiki Gundam X

Genre: Action/Drama
Company: Bandai Visual/Sunrise/Sotsu Agency
Format: 39 episodes
Dates: 4/5/1996 to 12/28/1996

Fifteen years after the Seventh Space War brought the human race to the brink of extinction, Garrod Ran is a street smart teenager living in North America who uses his wits to survive. After single-handedly disabling a mobile suit with only a handgun, he’s hired to capture a girl named Tifa Adil. Once he accomplished his job, he refused to turn over Tifa to his employer and was subsequently chased by three mobile suits. Tifa leads Garrod to an old Federation base where he discovers the GX-9900 Gundam X, and his adventures in a post-apocalyptic world are just beginning.

summary by Eek


Reviewed: 04/26/2004 by
Grade: 81% av-Eek

Highs: Outstanding characters; above-par OST

Lows: Some arcs are too lengthy; ending feels rushed

Now here are two perfect examples of how popularity and quality don’t correlate:Gundam Wing is a bishounen-filled bore fest that anyone new to anime has heard of, but its successor, Gundam X, is a well-rounded thrill ride that even many Gundam fans know little about. Believe me, that’s a shame.

Why is it a shame? One reason is because Gundam X packs some of the best characters in this franchise that I’ve found in a long time. From the quirky Garrod to the stoic Jamil, everyone is explored in depth and receives more than his or her fair share of development. They’re human beings who have feelings, desires, and limits; they learn and develop through the course of their travels. And what makes it all that much better? Well, a great soundtrack never hurts; besides, a Gundam series without good music is like natto without soybeans. While both opening theme songs, Dreams and Resolution, are exceptional, the rest of the OST proves to be just as good as it helps give even the most dramatic scenes an extra boost.

Yet Gundam X isn’t without its flaws. The series is divided into short story arcs and, for the most part, accomplishes what it wants with the time it is given. However, there are some arcs that seem unnecessarily filled with extra portions that make the particular episodes drag a bit. While not true filler episodes in a sense, a few once-and-done bad guys or useless events would pop up to kill a few minutes. And while these parts are a bit too lengthy, the end of the series feels like everything began coming to an end a bit too hastily. A Gundam anime without outer space is a fish out of water, and this series finally gets there with only eight episodes remaining. However, this pacing problem is understandable; for unknown reasons, the series was canceled ten episodes short of its intended forty-nine. Despite the lack of time, the ending manages to come full circle and be satisfying.

In the end, it’s primarily the great cast of characters that sets Gundam X apart from most alternative universe Gundam series. Don’t fool yourself into believing this little treasure might be Gundam Wing part deux; you’ll end up kicking yourself if you do.


Gundam X can be downloaded legally in the United States HERE.


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