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Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team, Miller’s Report



Genre: Action/Drama
Company: Bandai Visual/Sunrise
Format: 1 movie
Dates: 8/1/1998

The commander of the 08th MS team, Amada Shiro, is rescued after going through a difficult mission only to find Federation leaders accusing him of espionage. Alice Miller, a Federation Intelligence agent, is assigned to investigate Shiro and uncover details regarding his extended absence after the previous battle. Alice’s decision on whether or not he is a spy will determine the future of the 08th MS Team.

summary by Eek


Reviewed: 12/22/2003 by
Grade: 78% av-Eek

Highs: New character and approach; works better than episode 8

Lows: New character has little background; slightly differing art styles

Airing in Japanese theaters with Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz, Miller’s Report can be called a recap of the first eight episodes of 08th MS Team. Yet the inclusion of a new character and footage puts this fifty-minute movie in a slightly different category than other recaps of anime.

The introduction of Alice Miller does not throw a terribly different spin on events, but the way that she is used to explore two-thirds of the series by questioning Shiro’s actions up to his rescue is an unusual tactic as far as recapping. She is devious and always has an air of mystery around her, and her role in investigating allows a new perspective. Instead of looking at the situation from the 08th MS team’s viewpoint, we see many events from hers. However, Alice is only a part of this movie; the other part is a few additional scenes to episode eight of 08th MS Team. Seeing as how these scenes ease in from the seventh episode to the ninth episode much more smoothly, this movie works far better as the eighth episode.

While Alice Miller is a good addition, it does not help that we are given very little information on who she is and how she became a Federation Intelligence agent. Granted, this is a Gundam series, so I was not expecting psychological evaluation, but I could not get a good feel for her. She seems very interesting, and I would have loved to have seen how deep her character could really get, but that chance is never there. Another unrelated problem was the slightly differing art styles used in the television episodes and Miller’s Report. Although it is difficult to notice, the character art used in the new scenes is more crisp and clean than the footage taken from 08th MS Team. Yes, this is just a minor problem, but it is mildly bothersome when you can clearly distinguish something as small as that.

If you want my advice, watch Miller’s Report in place of 08th MS Team‘s eighth episode so that events move along better. By itself, this movie is still enjoyable and a nice addition to the Gundam franchise.


Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team, Miller’s Report can be downloaded legally in the United States HERE.


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