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a.k.a. MØUSE

Genre: Action/Comedy
Company: Studio DEEN/Media Factory
Format: 12 episodes
Dates: 1/5/2003 to 3/23/2003

By day, Sorata Muon is a high school art teacher at a prominent academy, but by night, he is Mouse, the master thief who can steal anything. His position has been handed down in the Muon family for generations, and he is aided in his quest to perfect the art of theft by his three well-endowed assistants, Mei, Hazuki and Yayoi, who are teachers at the academy. What priceless item will he steal next?

summary by Eek


Reviewed: 11/25/2003 by
Grade: 58% av-Eek

Highs: Spoofs the spy genre well; fun and entertaining

Lows: Ecchi overdose; limited character development; mostly Crime of the Week

I am not about to lie to you: Mouse has more than enough ecchi in it to put Mahoromatic to shame. Now that’s saying something! I refuse to call this series a gem of any sort, but it does have its own charm.

From the tacky art style to the bad music, Mouse does a good parody of the spy genre, and for good measure, it knows for a fact that it is nothing to be taken seriously. Sure, Sorata may be a thief, but the methods and gadgets that he has at his disposal would make anyone do a double-take just so they realize that it is not a James Bond movie. The crazy antics that he and his assistants go through just to steal anything and everything are cheesy, but it knows this, thus taking every opportunity to have fun along the way. A lot of times, the series will not be anything that will make you belch a hearty laugh from deep within, but it is entertaining enough to make you giggle and snicker at this or that.

I am a guy and admit that I always love giving a good-looking woman a look-see, but it would quickly go overboard if the good-looking woman wanted me to have a look-see all the time; this is most of Mouse. Sorata’s assistants are a near-constant source of ecchi and, on more than a few occasions, strip down to nothing and take pleasure in various erotic diversions. This series may not be hentai, and while I still find such actions acceptable to a certain degree, they get in the way of some more important things, such as character development. On a few rare junctures, I was pleased to see some character development from Sorata and his assistants, but this was limited to the assistants remembering when they had first met their “Goshujin-sama”. Most of the time, it was either that or yet another Crime of the Week episode. Only once did something resembling a real plot formulate, but this was short-lived; the series quickly morphed itself back into more of the same spoofing that it always does.

While you may be busy wondering how Sorata’s assistants do not have severe back problems because of their large “tracts of land”, just sit back and enjoy the show for what it is worth. And just so the parents do not make any mistakes: unlike Hamtaro, Mouse is not for children.


Mouse can be downloaded legally in the United States HERE.


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