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Najica Blitz Tactics


a.k.a. Najica Dengeki Sakusen

a.k.a. Najica

Genre: Action
Company: Media Factory/G.D.H./Studio Fantasia
Format: 12 episodes
Dates: 10/4/2001 to 12/27/2001

Hiiragi Najica is one of the world’s top perfumers and is working to develop the new Day Series perfumes. This modern independent woman is adored by all who lay eyes upon her. However, Najica has another job; she’s a secret agent for the CRI Intelligence organization. For an assignment, she’s ordered to rescue an unknown girl named Lila. It turns out that Lila is a Humaritt, or android; after she’s rescued, CRI Intelligence makes her Najica’s partner. And that’s just the start of it.

summary by Eek


Reviewed: 12/20/2004 by
Grade: 60% av-Eek

Highs: Quite stylish; fun action scenes

Lows: Panties, panties and more panties; can I get some background?

I can sum up Najica with one phrase: cheesy James Bond, anime style. How about one word? Panties. No, that isn’t a mistype. This anime is a fun spoof on the spy genre, and at the same time, it packs a lot (I cannot stress that enough) of fan service.

I was caught by surprise when Najica showed just how stylish it is. It’s nothing that an anime like, say, Cowboy Bebop can’t outdo, but it’s got its own charm. Most, if not all, of the music is hard jazz, showing off the talents of Kanezaki Jun’ichi. Designs, from characters to clothing, work quite well with everything that goes on throughout the series. On top of that, the action scenes are very enjoyable, featuring nifty gadgets, shootouts, locations and weapons. With a wide array of gun and hand-to-hand fights, there’s enough here to please most action fanboys.

And you’ve never seen more than enough panties until now. If you see a female character in this anime (and there are plenty), she’s going to get her undergarments shown at one point or another. Due in part to camera angles and the fact that every woman wears a short skirt that’d be more commonly classified as a napkin, you just might grow permanently numb to the sight of panty shots. With literally dozens of panties shown in every episode, you know that the creators of this anime have never known what moderation is.

On a different track, there’s practically no background given on anything. We learn a fair amount about Lila and Humaritts, but that’s it. There’s something in the story regarding a cataclysm some 30 years prior, but they never bother to explain it. Najica herself is never explained at all; how or why she came to work for the CRI is unknown, and there’s never a peep spoken about before she became a perfumer. Lila evolves somewhat, and while numerous subplots are hinted at, everyone else is as static as shag carpet.

If you have a panty fetish, Najica is right up your alley. And even if you want a spy spoof, there’s still some material here that you’ll enjoy. However, if you’re craving anything that’s deeper than a wading pool, you’ll have better luck elsewhere.


Najica Blitz Tactics can be downloaded legally in the United States HERE.


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