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Naruto Special: Find the Crimson Four-leaf Clover!


Genre: Action
Company: Studio Pierrot
Format: 1 OVA
Dates: 5/24/2003

The grandson of the 3rd Hokage, Konohamaru, has a big problem. He finally has a crush on a girl in his grade, but finds out that she is moving away. Konohamaru learns that she seeks the legendary crimson four-leaf clover, which is rumored to grant one wish. However, the task of getting the clover is harder than it sounds. So, who else would Konohamaru ask to help him but the very person he respects the most: Naruto! But is asking anything from Naruto a good idea?

summary by Kei


Reviewed: 05/28/2003 by
Grade: 72% av-Kei

Highs: The “essence” of Naruto

Lows: Way too short; sub-par fight scene

Know someone that might be interested in Naruto, but hasn’t seen the anime or read any of the manga? Then this would be a good example for them to see without getting involved in the story too much.

It’s basically the essence of Naruto. In fact, this anime is pretty reminiscent of the earlier filler episodes in the television series. You get a feeling for the individual characters personalities without actually having to know much about them. The only problem with this is that seasoned Naruto veterans may be a little bored with this OVA and think nothing special of it.

Really, the only huge problem I had with this special was the fact that the fight scene did not capture the usual charm of the series. Rather than being well choreographed, it was nothing more than a few punch frames here and there. Generally, this wouldn’t be too much of an issue, but the fact that this special was roughly seventeen minutes in length adds to the problem. With that amount of time, it’s not like the lack of dynamic fighting could rely on a long plot to carry it.

Despite its flaws, this anime was enjoyable enough. I just hope that short, sub-par specials does not become a running trend in the Naruto franchise. My theory is that if this OVA was twice as long, it would have been twice as good.


Find the Crimson Four-Leaf Clover can be downloaded legally in the United States HERE.


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