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New Cutey Honey


a.k.a. Shin Cute Honey

Genre: Action/Comedy
Company: Toei Douga
Format: 8 OVA
Dates: 4/21/1994 to 11/21/1995

Evil once again threatens the people of Cosplay City. The self-proclaimed lord of darkness Dolmeck has the populace fearing for their lives. No one dares oppose his tyrannical rule. There are whispers of a once great champion of the light, and how the world needs her again. In fact, slumbering deep inside of Kisaragi Honey lays the ancient protector of justice, the android Cutey Honey. Reawakened by the horror of the Dolmeck, Cutey Honey renews her battle against villainy. Together with the help of the Hayami family, the shape changing Cutey Honey vows to defeat Dolmeck and make the city safe again.

summary by Mugs


Reviewed: 04/27/2004 by
Grade: 75% av-Mugs

Highs: The first four OVAs

Lows: The last four OVAs

New Cutey Honey is a very mixed bag. The first four episodes come off well-done. They have a cohesive plot, introduce all of the main characters and also explain all the backdrop information about the previous Cutey Honey series. If the anime stopped here it would have been a short, non-repetitive anime. Unfortunately they decided to milk it about a year later and released the second four.

The last four episodes seriously lack any plot. With the villain taken care of in episode 4, the rest of the series flounders around as we see Honey kill bad guy after bad guy. The only interesting part is seeing Nagai Go’s other big creation Devilman running around in episode 7. Even that wasn’t great as all that happened is Honey and Devilman ran around and killed another mutating monster.

The show’s animation is decent and the character designs for some of Honey’s appearances are quite original. The show is filled with action sequences and comedy. The comedy usually involves the perverted Danbei trying to catch glimpses of Honey nude while she undergoes her henshin. The first few times it’s really funny but by the millionth time it’s boring and expected. The action sequences fare better thanks to Honey’s many forms. Her transformations leave room for a large variety of fighting. This helps the sequences stay sharp and fresh.

So what’s my advice on this one? It’s quite simple: pick up the first DVD or the first two VHS tapes and pretend the others don’t exist. You’ll get a lot more enjoyment that way.


New Cutey Honey can be downloaded legally in the United States HERE.


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