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Onegai Twins


a.k.a. Please Twins

Genre: Comedy/Drama
Company: Bandai Visual
Format: 12 episodes
Dates: 7/15/2003 to 10/14/2003

Kamishiro Maiku has a mysterious past. After losing his parents at a young age, he lived many years as an orphan. The only thing he has to remember his family by is a picture of himself and of his long-lost twin sister, whom Maiku has no recollection, in front of the house that they grew up. Now a high school student, Maiku lives alone in the same house until the day a girl shows up at his door claiming to be the one from the picture. That same night, however, a second girl shows up and claims the very same thing. Which one is really Maiku’s twin, and which one is just a stranger?

summary by Keitaro


Reviewed: 11/18/2003 by
Grade: 35% av-Keitaro

Highs: Nice setting; a few humorous moments

Lows: Awful characters; plot stretched paper thin; unsatisfactory ending; lazy animation

I’m going to be blunt. There is pretty much nothing I like about this show. Do not be fooled by the fact that this anime is tied to the highly entertaining Onegai Teacher. A similar locale and a few common characters are all that the two shows share. In every way that its sister show excelled, Onegai Twins falls short of being even remotely appealing.

I suppose the best starting point would be the anime’s biggest problem: the characters. I did not think it was possible to create a cast of characters this useless and poorly developed. Most of the characters from Onegai Teacher make cameo appearances, but their personalities are so badly butchered that I wished they had stayed out of sight. Our protagonist, Maiku, is as predictable as they come; going from bad to worse we have Karen and Miina, two girls who could not possibly have been more fake and irritating. Their emotions just are not convincing, nor could I feel for these characters.

With the help of an ill-fitting cast of characters, the plot goes nowhere very fast. In a mind-numbing twelve episodes, there is almost no actual content. The story intentionally stalls for several episodes for no reason other than to take up time. The entire show could have fit into one movie without anything significant being cut.

The art is nice and colorful but feels horribly rushed. There is much less attention to detail in this show than Onegai Teacher, which in terms of art and animation feels much more precise. This anime is not the worthy successor that I had hoped it would be and is clearly nothing more than a quick, cheap attempt to cash in on the success of its sister show. I can only hope that the next spinoff in the Onegai series does not follow this troubling trend.


Reviewed: 11/18/2003 by
Grade: 40% av-Kain

Highs: Two absolutely hilarious scenes; opening theme song grows on you

Lows: Ridiculous plot that goes nowhere fast; who cares about the characters?; excessive fan service

Allow me to be frank: I never thought very highly of Onegai Teacher, but it had the basics down pat. Now, put an absurd plot into action, throw in multiple, useless cameos from the “previous” series, add lots of ecchi and filler episodes and you have Onegai Twins.

The only parts worth seeing are two, specific scenes in the third and ninth episodes. Both involve Maiku, Miina and Karen finding themselves in sexual positioning, which are downright hilarious. The manner in which they end up is intentional, and the creators of the series have no qualms about pointing out the strategic positioning if you are too stupid to catch it. And while not necessarily funny, the opening theme song Second Flight sounds quite a lot like the opening from Onegai Teacher, Shooting Star. At first, it sounds almost horrible but quickly grew on me to the point that I actually began to like it.

The plot revolves around three kids repeatedly saying the same thing: “We might be related, but we might be strangers”. This method is quickly overused in the first episode and every episode after that. However, it is not the fact that the plot is ludicrous, but rather, it goes nowhere after the second episode; no time is spent attempting to figure out who is related. By the time the series is wrapping up, it tries to make things seem dramatic but runs into yet another problem: characters you could care less about. Simply put, you are never given an opportunity to have a shred of sympathy for them. If some light was shed on their pasts, we would be more inclined to understand their situation, but most episodes are wasted with the girls taking a bath and pondering if they might be related or strangers. Speaking of taking a bath, this series has no problems at all with displaying massive amounts of fan service. I would say that the vast amount of fan service detracts from the series, but that would be false; there really isn’t anything to detract from.

This is so not Onegai Teacher. Fans of the previous series should not be confused into believing that this spinoff is a sequel in any shape or form. Onegai Twins is like getting coal for Christmas; the wrapping may look good, but what you actually receive is worthless.


Onegai Twins (series & OVA together) can be downloaded legally in the United States HERE.


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