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Peach Girl


Genre: Drama/Romance
Company: Marvelous Entertainment/Studio Comet
Format: 25 episodes
Dates: 1/8/2005 to 6/25/2005

Momo Adachi is not your typical Japanese high school girl. She is as tall as an Amazon and has a permanent tan that makes her look slutty in the eyes of the students. What they don’t know is that because she was a part of the swimming team, she picked up the tan, and in the process lost her self-esteem and all hope of being attractive. To add insult to injury, her only friend in school secretly envies her and does anything in her power to sabotage her at every opportunity available. Will Momo find a way to get the guy of her dreams, or will she have to settle with that obnoxious playboy whom is interested in her?

summary by Soundchazer


Reviewed: 09/24/2005 by
Grade: 46% av-Soundchazer

Highs: Some amusing situations; quirky antagonist

Lows: Repetitive situations; ugly character design; even uglier melodrama

Almost everything in this project is an odd choice, including an animation production team that has been involved in such awe inspiring titles as Burn Up! Scramble and Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture. Being fair, Studio Comet had a hit in School Rumble, but more often than not it has been involved in mediocre projects at best. The co-producer, Marvelous Entertainment, is mostly known for music production but probably felt boldened by its success with Gunslinger Girl and, again, School Rumble and decided to give it another go. Then we have the director, Ishiodori Hiroshi, who has only directed a full project once (the pedestrian Bubblegum Crash), and that happened about 14 years ago. Needless to say, this was one anime that was doomed to fail from the start.

Whatever sympathetic feeling we could have for Momo at the beginning of the series is lost by the 8th episode. This character is just too predictable through repeating the same mistakes, failing to see the obvious, falling into traps easily and unable to make a solid commitment. Did I tell you she makes the same mistakes? Well, let me emphasize that aspect of the anime; if there is anything that bogs this story down, it is the fact that after the first few episodes, you feel like you are watching more variations of the same theme than Gilligan’s Island. Seriously, how many times is she supposed to change her mind, be jealous and forgive the enemy only to fall into a similar trap?

And since we are talking characters, one of the love interests is just as exciting as watching an opossum take a nap. Are we supposed to root for that relationship? Finally, I must say without a doubt that this anime has one of the most unattractive character designs to have ever graced the small screen. Anime companies should know by now that sometimes manga art styles are not translatable to animation. Beck, Video Girl Ai and Kimagure Orange Road are good examples of how to adapt a manga visually… Peach Girl is not.

If I were to mention any positives for this series, I would have to say it has one interesting character and a passable villain… and maybe I’m thankful that it didn’t drag into 52 episodes. There is no witty remark to close this review, just a warning: avoid at all costs.


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