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Phantom: The Animation


Genre: Action/Drama
Company: KSS
Format: 3 OVA
Dates: 2/27/2004 to 10/29/2004

When Agatsuma Reiji left Japan on a trip to the USA, he was just an average guy with a normal life. Soon after arriving, he accidentally witnessed an assassination carried out by Ein, a member of The Phantom. Discerning that Reiji had the potential to be another Phantom Assassin, Ein’s master, Scythe, kidnapped him. With his memories erased, Reiji is codenamed “Zwei” and begins his training, struggling not to lose his humanity in the cutthroat world of the Syndicate.

summary by Liegenschonheit


Reviewed: 03/03/2005 by
Grade: 67% av-Liegenschonheit

Highs: Decent art; fitting music

Lows: No real plot; little character development; overuse of stills

Drowning in a sea of anime clichés, Phantom: The Animation makes little effort to raise itself above the morass of uninspired game-based anime. With generic characters and a predictable story, Phantom is destined for mediocrity.

With no real plot to speak of, the story in this anime is predictable and dull. Even the action scenes, though nicely animated, seem trite and boring. With very shallow antagonists and almost no time spent on back story, events in this anime are random and disconnected. The cast is mostly one-dimensional characters, and there is little development in that arena, making the dramatic scenes feel forced and phony.

The character designs, on the other hand, are not too bad, for the most part. The art style in this anime is clean, sharp and, with the exception of one astoundingly ugly character, quite pleasant. However, the overuse of still frames in this anime is a glaring and constant annoyance. Used consistently for settings and panned shots, unanimated stills become more and more obtrusive as the anime progresses. The music in Phantom meshes well with the art, creating mood and style in otherwise dull sequences. With its short length, the repeated use of the same music doesn’t have time to become stale.

Because of its general lack of originality and flat characters, watching Phantom: The Animation is little more than a waste of time. Unless you are a fan of the game, take a pass on this one.


Phantom: The Animation can be downloaded legally in the United States HERE.


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