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Pita Ten


Genre: Comedy
Company: Broccoli
Format: 26 episodes
Dates: 4/7/2002 to 9/29/2002

Poor, poor Kotarou. With the death of his mother, and his father always on the job, he’s been forced to grow up too fast. He needs some fun in his life, and that fun came in the form of his perky new neighbor, Misha. Misha’s overzealous cuteness towards Kotarou is definitely nothing he’s used too. Could this overly cute wrecking ball really be an angel? Who knows… but one thing is certain: Kotarou’s mature attitude doesn’t always appreciate Misha’s company.

summary by Kei


Reviewed: 04/30/2003 by
Grade: 80% av-Kei

Highs: Amazingly cute; very funny at times; great cast of characters

Lows: Starts off slowly; loses focus often; solid plot is a rarity

Good things come when you don’t expect them. Pita Ten just happens to be one of those things. I’m sure a good amount of people cringe at the thought of Broccoli doing something other than three-minute commercials, but, like myself, you shall be quite surprised with Pita Ten.

If nothing else, Broccoli is great at doing one thing more than anything else: cuteness! Shia-chan and Misha-chan come awfully close to giving the uber-kawaii Puchiko from Di Gi Charat a run for her money. The characters design may not be anything special at first, but their personalities make up for it ten fold. There is at least one character in Pita Ten for everyone to feel compatible with, be it the overly cute Misha, the quiet and polite Shia, the smart and athletic Ten or even the rich and obsessive Dai-chan.

However, Pita Ten is very hit or miss for people. You’ll either enjoy it… or completely hate it. This is mostly due to the lack of a solid plot for a good amount of episodes, and even when there is something resembling a plot, the series tends to lose focus on filler episodes. It all comes together in the end, however, and I’m sure you’ll thank yourself for sitting through it all until the end.

Broccoli has successfully shown me that they can handle a full-length television series with Pita Ten. I hope this is the beginning of a trend for this cute company. If they keep making shows like this, I’ll keep watching them.


Pita Ten can be downloaded legally in the United States HERE.


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