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Please Save My Earth


a.k.a. Boku no Chikyu wo Mamotte

Genre: Action/Drama
Company: VIZ Communications
Format: 6 OVA
Dates: 12/17/1993 to 9/23/1994

Seven ordinary people with different backgrounds live their lives like nothing happened. What they don’t realize is that they all share a dark and mysterious past. Each is given a strange power and share the same dreams; dreams of their forgotten history together. An irresistible pull begins to summon them together to uncover the meaning of their dreams, and why they all took place on the moon.

summary by Kain


Reviewed: 09/24/2001 by
Grade: 91% av-Kain

Highs: One of anime’s best storylines; fabulous music numbers; dynamic characters

Lows: Has too much of a condensed feel

When asked which anime really took me by surprise, I would have to say it’s this one. It’s one of those diamond-in-the-rough titles that’s a real sleeper hit. I knew absolutely nothing about this series going in, but am so glad I made the investment to give it a try.

What really sets Please Save My Earth apart from other anime is the story. The way it keeps one in the dark and slowly reveals important points bit by bit is extremely well-done. This elegant pacing and interesting characters kept me riveted to my television. It didn’t hurt that they brought in Mizogushi Hajime and Kanno Yoko to do the music, either; the songs display an excellence that no other pair of talented musicians has matched.

Those who have read the manga will feel cheated as the anime left out so much due to time constraints, otherwise known as “Akira-itis.” The sequence of events feels fragmented as important filler seque are given the axe. I am not a big fan of the artwork, either, as the character designs appeared rather bland and uninspired.

If you are hungry for an anime that is more than the standard mindless-action that seems to be the norm for recent titles, do whatever you can to grab this one. Rarely have I been as captivated as I have by Please Save My Earth. Please save your dignity and skip over the rest.


Reviewed: 04/28/2004 by
Grade: 79% av-Kjeldoran

Highs: Powerful drama; strong, character-driven storyline; intertwines many themes

Lows: Starts too slow; ends too fast; key elements need fleshing out; many dead-ends

Please Save My Earth is for me an anime that builds you up but sadly lets you down. So many of its most promising features are weighted down by negative complements: great art with monotonous design, excellent music that rarely emerges, an inspired storyline plagued by plot holes and deep characters left hanging.

The storyline taken from Hiwatari Saki’s manga is original and gripping. Every OVA leaves you on the edge of your seat and slowly integrates one of the most dramatic romance scenarios I have seen to date. Characters also add to the freshness; their unique personalities go hand in hand with poignant acting and intelligent dialogues. Rin, for example, has one of those complex psychological profiles that gave me goose bumps. Things take a wrong turn, however, when you realize it is all over and that each uncertainty that has been keeping you hooked from the beginning is still there… along with a major headache.

The pacing is quite odd. As much as it takes its sweet time slowly introducing characters in the first few episodes, the last chapters just bombard us with additional details and at the moment where you have the most questions, ends without warning. Some will see it as enigmatic; I see it as frustrating. A slow start sometimes fits an anime perfectly, as it was the case here. When it forces a rushed ending, however, is when I would rather have consistency. Emphasis also seems misplaced and unbalanced; as I was craving to see more events taking place on the moon, some negligible characters and many dead-ends stole too much of the precious spotlight.

If anime were evaluated by potential, this one would get a perfect score. Please Save My Earth is a good OVA in its own right but is far too incomplete to be placed amongst the best.


Please Save My Earth can be downloaded legally in the United States HERE.


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